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8 January 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne


It’s occasionally said to me that I am lucky.


Not in a spiteful or unpleasant way, mind you; it’s just that people I know well, clients, close friends and other associates may occasionally pass such a comment. 


To be fair, as I’ve said in the past, I keep all details of everything I do strictly confidential. Which means that most people are making suppositions or conjecturing about what I do do—as I simply don’t tell them.


In any event, I agree. I am lucky. 


I am in a profession which I truly enjoy; one in which no two days are the same and, to some extent, one in which it’s hard to predict what will happen next. Sometimes, I am not sure where I will be the next day, the next week and/or for how long.


I get to travel, which I enjoy immensely, and visit various cities, towns and places of interest; sometimes for a quick trip, a day or two, sometimes for longer.


I get to meet all sorts of nice, interesting people. People from all sorts of backgrounds, with all sorts of characters; with experiences of all sorts of joys and despairs in life. Many looking for a companion, a friend, someone they can rely on to care for them, and to be discreet—and try and help them if they have, for whatever reason, been having a rough or tough time.


In fact, on balance, it’s probably this part of the job that I find one of the most rewarding. More often than not I meet people when they are beginning to gather themselves together after having a difficult time—whether it be a relationship break-up, an abusive relationship, or maybe they have had family problems, or something major has just not been going right in their lives—and they are just beginning to see the “shoots of recovery” or “light at the end of the tunnel”.


Often such people have had some trepidation or some concern about initially reaching out to me; yet they know they need to turn to someone for assistance in getting their confidence back or finding someone who can be there for them as needed.


I get great pleasure when I look at many of my regular clients and see how they have “progressed” since our first meeting; see how they look forward so much to our next time together, and how they are growing as a person, and gaining confidence and success in every area of their lives.


It might be one of my amazing massages that they miss; or someone just to put their arms around them, console them and tell them everything will be fine; or just someone to casually unwind with and share life’s foibles together.


That’s one big reason why I am lucky. Every day I am contributing to making people feel better within themselves. And that’s a wonderful thing.


“I love helping to make the world a better place. One smile at a time.”

– The Love Doctor



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