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Think about yourself

Think about yourself

8 February 2017
If your mind is constantly being distracted or caught up in one thing after another, it may be removed from its creative potential.

When your attention is impaired, it can affect or detract from everything you do; on the other hand, when you focus completely on something you will feel empowered in everything you attempt.

It’s important in everything you do to learn how to balance your mind and that includes balancing the effort exerted in practicing such focus with relaxation. In turn, this will give you strength of mind.

If you begin to believe in yourself and really come to know what is best for you, you can share this strength of feeling with others; in fact, you can share with anyone, it doesn’t matter. Naturally, there is no way that you can make someone else confident or proud or happy if you are still relatively weak in how you view yourself.

Another key point is that, as hard as it might be to accept, you can’t live your life for someone else—not even for your close relatives such as your parents or, maybe, even your children. Unfortunately, life doesn’t really work like that. If you are not strong and don’t follow this rule, of believing in yourself, you may well impose a heavy feeling of obligation on the person or persons you think you are meant to be living for. In turn, you may possibly end up affecting the way you wish to live your own life as a consequence.

This would be an unnecessary sacrifice which could cause other people to suffer too.

The reason for this is simple. More often than not, those for whom you are making a sacrifice will, as time goes by, follow the same pattern unconsciously. In some ways it can be said that you are programming the person you care so much about to sub-consciously follow the path that you have been travelling. This perpetuates itself and does not only affect the immediate generation. It’s plain to see the way many children take on their parents’ beliefs and views; for example which football or soccer team they support, what they value in life, or which religion they should follow. Children start out as a blank canvas upon which many adults impose their own wishes and views.

Indeed, sometimes parenting can become the dream’s fulfilment through to a next generation.

The most important thing then is to, firstly, discover and then love yourself. There is no such thing as an ideal other person. It’s natural and important to believe in others, and care for others.. Especially your children.Though being able to care for others and believe in others starts with being able to care for yourself, and believe in yourself.

Take time to think about yourself.
What do you want? What do you need? What do you deserve?

In this busy world, you have to put yourself first sometimes. It’s not selfish to put yourself first. Decide what you want, and go and get it.

Take care of yourself, belive in yourself, and love yourself. This will make your life so much more fulfilled. It will also allow you to be the best version of yourself that you can be, which will result in you being able to give more love and care to those who are important to you, and encourage them to believe in themselves as well.

It’s really not selfish, and actually beneficial to everyone.. For you to think about yourself now and then.      




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