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27 February 2017
Airbnb has taken the world by storm, and can be a great idea if you are looking to find quite affordable and comfortable accommodation!
From humble beginnings in 2007 as a way for two San Francisco roommates, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, to make a bit extra cash to help pay their rent..Airbnb has became a global company, providing hundreds of thousands of people with a way to make money renting any accommodation they have; and millions of people with places to stay away from home.

So how does Airbnb work? It is a website that allows anyone to become a host, to allow guests to stay in their house, apartment, hotel, anywhere!
It allows anyone to be a guest, and simply log on to the website, search for where you want to stay, and bingo!
The accommodation can be provided by hosts who are offering a bedroom of their own home, with shared kitchen, bathroom, etc., and you would be a guest staying with them.. Or it can be provided by hosts who are offering an entire house, town-house, or apartment, studio, or bungalow – You can even stay in a ‘glamping’ tent in someone’s backyard. So it can offer all different types of accommodation, and for all different types of budgets. Millions of people every year find accommodation through Airbnb, wheteher it’s for a holiday for a few days, or maybe.. an overnight rendezvous?

I see quite a few clients who are staying in places they found through Airbnb.. This may be people who are visiting Melbourne for just a short stay, and can be an inner city private apartment, or a house in the suburbs, or on the beach.
It can be a holiday home in the countryside, or in a beachside holiday town.
While I see most clients in their homes, and I love to see you, wherever you live.. Maybe you can’t have me visit your home, as you may live with family, children, or housemates. For whatever reason you may decide to book a night away from home to see me.
Often I see clients in hotels all over the place, from in the suburbs, to five star hotels in the CBD.
It can be enjoyable to book a hotel and have a night away, while you see me. Have me pamper you while you are on a little holiday away from home.

Though for some people, this may be a bit costly, and with the cost of accommodation you may not be able to see me as often as you wanted. Well that’s where Airbnb can be helpful.
You may want to book a hotel for our next rendezvous, or you may like to have a search on Airbnb.com.au
I am very discreet, and your complete privacy is assured, wherever I visit you.
Wherever you are – in your home, in a hotel, or somewhere you find on Airbnb.. I look forward to meeting you.







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