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Things we can all learn from Clarke Griffin of The 100


Male Escort Melbourne – 6 August 2022




The one and only Netflix show that I’ve watched more than once is The 100 – three times to be precise! And this show totally deserves it. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend you do so. One of the many things I love about this show is the portrayal of strong female characters, and by that I don’t mean hunky, hulk-like women, but real women who have proved how mentally strong they are by surviving against all odds and being inspirational leaders in the most challenging circumstances.




The story begins at a time 97 years after the Earth’s population is annihilated after a nuclear war. A spacecraft, The Ark, that carries the last human survivors sends 100 juvenile offenders down to the ground to see if the planet is survivable again. To them Earth is an alien planet, and upon landing they soon discover the many wonders and mysteries that slowly unfold. This is the time that presents itself as the starting point of the strong characters of the group to emerge, one of them being Clarke Griffin.




She showed true leadership traits right from the beginning. Her path and decisions were definitely not always ‘right’ or perfect, but her journey is without a doubt relatable and inspirational at the same time. 




I wanted to explore a couple of things we can take away from her journey and who she was – someone to look up to in times of need.





It’s worth being selfless for the ones we love


In the season 4 finale Clarke had to make a decision which ensured the people she loved survived by going back into space but at the expense of her being left alone and potentially dying soon. She could have easily thought about herself first by not making it happen, ultimately risking everyone’s life, but she took the selfless route by putting herself at risk for others’ chance at survival.



What we can learn from this is it’s worth fighting and sacrificing for the ones we love. Don’t get me wrong, by this I don’t mean you stop living your life for the people close to you. What I mean by this is it’s okay to be selfless sometimes for the benefit of the people you care about and who care about you too.

Strong communication is the foundation of strong relationships


Clarke’s bond with Bellamy, from being sort of enemies at first to gradually evolving into one of the strongest friendships on the show, you can clearly see their dynamics built on the foundation of strong communication. Throughout the show they executed several critical plans successfully by keeping their communication transparent and good. This factor fits in all kinds of relationships, romantic or otherwise.

       Life isn’t just about surviving, it’s about living


It was the first half of season 5 where Clarke was put in the worst possible circumstance imaginable. Being the only human on the Earth’s surface with no food or water to survive did take a toll on her when she attempted to take her life to end the suffering once and for all. But right then she discovered a literal oasis in the midst of the desert that helped her not only survive, but thrive. For once in the show she had the chance to live in the moment and enjoy life, rather than think of the next way out to survive, just what she is quoted quite often in the show – life should be about more than just surviving.

Stand your ground when needed


There came a time when the survivors from the Ark were on a lockdown, and Clarke went against the rules by rallying her people outside for a cause that could not wait. She stood her ground even before her mother, who was the Chancellor, or the leader of the camp that time, defying the law to fight for a cause that was worth it.

Presence of mind makes you smart


There was an attempt at poisoning Lexa, the leader of a clan on Earth, something that could implicate and result in the death of one of Clarke’s closest friends and another of the many strong female characters on the show (and in fact my favourite character on the show) – Raven Reyes. 

It was Clarke’s presence of mind and quick wit that helped her figure out what exactly happened, hence saving Raven’s life and saving her people from the wrath of the clan that would have ensued.



There’s so much more that can be taken away not only from Clarke but other characters from the show as well, male and female alike. Two noticeably strong, independent, and courageous characters are Raven, and Octavia. I could almost write a blog on each character! 


We can all find things to learn and help improve ourselves by just knowing where to look! See you on the next blog.


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