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The Love Doctor

3 December 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne



My name is Leo, your male escort and companion for women, of more than ten years and counting – and I am also known as The Love Doctor.


Why The Love Doctor? Well, while I’m not a doctor of medicine… You could say that I’m a doctor of Love. I’m a sensual healer, among other things.


It is my mission in life to serve you – To help make the world a better place, one smile at a time.



Whatever stage of life you are at, or whatever you might have been through – Whether you may have been hurt by love, or whether you are happy with where things are at, or both.


Whether you are looking for someone to share some good times and good conversation with… Or you are looking for a Tantric full-body sensual massage… Or no-strings-attached mind-blowing sex… Or anything else…


Whatever you may be looking for, we all need and deserve a touch of love from time to time…..


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Leo Dale

Male Escort Blogger

Hi, I’m Leo, a Full-time Male Escort from Melbourne Victoria, with over 11+ years of experience in the “Making Women Happy” field

I love to write about all sorts of things, so feel free to look around and read through whatever articles take spike your interest.

Leo The Love Doctor



Male Escort for women, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia