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The Joy of the Female Elemental Power

17 October 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne

The Joy of the Female Elemental Power – 


How Women and Men, Find Happiness in 

their Femininity and Masculinity 


Over thousands of years, unfortunately male dominance has led to a significant imbalance in the relationship between men and women.

An imbalance in which neither man nor woman can find their true place and heartfelt joy. A fight that neither side wins nor in which no winner is required! Today the unnecessary struggle for survival originates from old patterns and motives and affects the whole environment. This has led to chaos; hectic and enormous friction. We feel and see that we no longer have the strength to fight this battle and that we are asked to give in, to think differently and to act differently.  



Studies say that many women do not love and live their femininity. This is in part due to how women have been treated over the decades, and centuries, though also due in a way to the last decades of the women’s movement, where many women “put on their pants” and trod the man’s path to gain more recognition, self-esteem, and independent earning. 



Of course I, and anyone else who has a conscience, welcome this step, which led women out of the shadowy existence that a lot felt, on the side of man. But in a way it is regrettable how this is done and still done today – namely with the loss of precious femininity.

Everyone has male and female proportions, but our relationship to both is almost always distorted and disagreeable. These inner persons are rarely well, for they embody in their state of mind, your attitude toward the feminine and the masculine in you, and a lot of people have an imbalance between their masculine power, and their feminine power.


“We need to find the balance between the 

masculine power and the feminine power, 

in each and every one of us.”

– Leo The Love Doctor


A lot of men and women are currently strongly informed by the crises and illnesses of the significant imbalance they have created between the male and female principles in their lives. A law of nature is that energy strives for balance. However, this has long been ignored by men and women (mostly ignored by men), as well as the leadership of our countries, companies, and culture.


Many women (and men) have turned their lives into a fight. But if you think you have to fight, life sends you something to fight. Fighting has nothing to do with the feminine power. The fighting woman (whether she is fighting for something or against something) now discovers that she has fought against herself and seriously injured herself.


The way for a new way of life, which brings men and women back to themselves and their inherent powers, and thus to more happiness, is as follows:

Men and women are now being asked to give room to the feminine power in us and our lives. Above all, the female power concerns our inner world and especially our heart and our emotions. We may again feel, indulge ourselves, and be at ease.


Especially the women who embody the feminine side of life will remember that femininity is no weaker force than the masculine. Neither the woman, nor the man is a healthy person who represses and rejects his feelings.

In every woman, the female elemental power is unabated, and now many women are looking for access to this power again. But one cannot succeed at this just by attending yoga classes. If a woman lives a masculine life during the day, rushes exerts and fights; the evening yoga class cannot compensate for this. Yoga is a mindset that focuses on mindfulness and the vital connection of body, mind, and soul, and that wants to be lived throughout the day, even if one is in a ”male-dominated” profession.

The woman does not find access to her feminine powers over the man, but only with a good distance to the man. She takes time for herself, goes inside, and honestly tests where it does not flow in her life and does not run smoothly. She nourishes herself and her soul with music, dancing, singing, touching literature, or diary writing… and the courageous and honest exchange of experiences with her sisters, and with her Inner Self. She indulges in the pleasure of the “horizontal principle” – with massage, sauna, in the tub, and bed, and becomes more in touch with her body, her mind, soul, her self.


Women no longer feel like victims of their mothers, fathers, previous relationships, or others in the world – but joyfully take their ‘creator’s’ responsibility for the creation of their lives into their own hands. They no longer endure boring, rigid relationships with men, and cease to allow men to exert any control. They will be in constant contact with other women, and with themselves, loving themselves, honouring and admiring in their beauty – and channel the feminine power of the Divine. In this way, it will significantly contribute to a new earth and humanity in loving communities.

These changes will show up inside and out. Uniformity will dissolve. Women will wrap themselves in more femininity with flowing, soft fabrics and “put off their armor.” 

Men who are now finding a more mature form of masculinity will have different dealings with themselves, with each other, and with women through the integration and acceptance of their feminine aspects.

Men will become more in touch with the feminine power within themselves! As well as having masculinity, they will recognise and embrace their femininity, and know that there is nothing wrong with this, and it is important to keep a balance between the two. 

Men in this new way of thinking, feeling, and knowing themselves, can now better understand, feel, and know themselves better, and know women better. Both sides now recognise their strengths, and that both males and females are equally needed to have a promising, happiness filled life. From one another, it will be for one another.

A robot-like behaviour has lost any exhilarating lightness and loving liveliness of the game. Hence elements such as exhaling, relaxing, enjoying, playing, dreaming, happening, and trust get more attention from people again and give them a completely different value of life. 

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