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9 October 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne



I don’t use Instagram too often, though I did have a few photos on there – Until a week or so ago when I noticed my Instagram account had been deleted, without me receiving any notification of why.


Apparently thousands of Instagram accounts are deleted every day, a lot of them for no real reason. Yes Instagram has community guidelines, and they want to make it a safe space for everyone, and that’s a good thing. So they don’t allow naked photos, etc. And a lot of accounts are deleted for breaking these guidelines. Fair enough.


But a lot are also deleted for having one or two images that may look a little ‘pornographic’ or ‘sexually inappropriate.’


The fact that Instagram didn’t even notify me, or tell me what was the problem, so I could rectify it, shows not very good customer service I don’t think. I recommend Instagram should have a bit better customer service, otherwise soon if too many people are having accounts deleted for no apparent reason, eventually a different image sharing platform will come to dominate… And Instagram will go the way of Myspace (Lol, remember MySpace?).


My Instagram account was probably deleted because someone randomly complained about it, even though I made sure not to have any actual inappropriate photos on there.


But what should you do if someone tries to destroy your building, to make themselves feel good?


Build a new building, bigger, better, stronger, and more interesting than the one before, that’s what.


That’s why I’ve made a new Instagram account, with even more photos.


It can be viewed here, with the username: leodalemalemodel.


This Instagram account has no photos that could be counted as Adult content, and is for my modelling portfolio only. And to share cool and inspirational stuff.


Sure I’m a male escort. But I’m a male model as well. I’m a lot of things.



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