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The 2021 Love Doctor Fireman Calendar is now available

13 November 2020 – Male Escort Melbourne


The 2021 Love Doctor Fireman Calendar is now available!


Each year, I love to make a Fireman Calendar – With a different dog on each month of the calendar. It’s just my thing that I do.


And, I like to donate $5 from each calendar sold to the CFA (Country Fire Authority) to help our wonderful volunteer firefighters, who put their lives on the line to help everyone.


Raw masculinity, and puppy cuteness – Gotta love that, right?


If you’d like to have me and some gorgeous dogs on your wall, you can click here to buy the calendar on eBay  –


Or simply contact me and let me know if you’d like one posted, or delivered in person on our next rendezvous.


The Love Doctor Fireman Calendar 2021.


Because, why not?

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