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Tell me about your life

Tell me about your life

19 December 2016

Part of what I do is to listen to people.

Listen and empathise.

In fact, it can be a very large part of what I do, as a surprisingly high number of people like to tell me things about what’s happened to them over the course of their lives. They like to tell me about their current circumstances; or inform me about how they came to be living in the area they are living in; or maybe let me know what happened to their past relationships or where they studied when they were young…

To be honest, as my profession is all about meeting and being with people, I really enjoy hearing about the journeys of other people’s lives. How they can see, upon reflection, where they made a right decision or a wrong decision; how the decision was emotive, made with the heart in ascendency, or rational and made with the brain dominating.

Sometimes, it’s just enough for some people to simply talk about their triumphs, and downfalls, their escapades and adventures; in some ways it helps them clear their own mind and look forward instead of dwelling on the past. In some cases, I really don’t need to be saying anything, just be the attentive listener.

Sometimes, it’s not about talking, and it’s all about sex… Relaxing, and enjoying intimacy.. Maybe even time out from the rest of your life.

On other occasions, clients have “poured their heart out” to me, telling me all about issues they face and asking me for my advice; asking for my suggestions and recommendations on how to address or solve some of their problems.

Now, as I have said before, I am not a professional counsellor but, many times, it’s simply that explaining or discussing a particular issue which is bothering you, can help a lot!
After all… A problem shared is a problem halved!
And, in many instances, of lot of the problems causing distress can be solved by the application of a good, level headed dose of common sense. To objectively look at a problem when one is sufficiently detached from it and the circumstances surrounding it is already a positive—and makes any comments that I offer that much easier to give.

Not, mind you, that I wish to detract from my main objective with my clients of making them happy and giving them a great time to remember me by—it’s just that some people really do want to tell me about their life.

And I’d be so happy if you want to too!  “Dr Leo” has remedies for almost everything… well, many things anyway…


Quoted from the television show ‘Castle’ – Season 1, episode 1 .. after Castle meets Beckett:

Can I ask you a question?


Why are you here? You don’t care about the victims, so you aren’t here for justice. You don’t care that
the guy’s …aping your books, so you aren’t here ’cause you’re outraged. So what is it, Rick? Are you here
to annoy me?

I’m here for the story.

The story?

Why those people? Why those murders?

Sometimes there is no story. Sometimes the guy is just a psychopath.

There’s always a story, always a chain of events that makes everything make sense. Take you for
example… Under normal circumstances, you should not be here. Most smart, good looking women
become lawyers, not cops. And yet here you are. Why?

I don’t know, Rick. You’re the novelist. You tell me.

Well, you’re not bridge and tunnel, no trace of the boroughs when you talk. So that means Manhattan,
that means money. You went to college, probably a pretty good one. You had options. Yeah, you had
lots of options, better options, more socially acceptable options. And you still chose this. That tells me
something happened. Not to you. No, you’re wounded but you’re not that wounded. It was somebody
you cared about. It was someone you loved. And you probably could’ve lived with that, but the person
responsible was never caught. And that, Detective Beckett, is why you’re here.

[…A long pause from Beckett, and Castle can see by the look on her face that he’s right.]

Cute trick. But don’t think you know me.

The point is, there’s always a story. You just have to find it.

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