Leo Dale

I am a male escort, and you can ask me anything

I am a male escort, and you can ask me anything

13 December 2016
Have you ever had a question that you’d like to ask me? Anything that might be on your mind? Or that you’d like to know about what I do?
Well now you can! Of course, I keep my business and personal life separate, so some personal questions I can’t answer, as I’m sure you can understand. As I am very discreet of course!
If you ‘d like to ask me anything, you can always contact me, and I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have.
As well as that, I decided to post an ‘AMA’ on reddit.com. You can view reddit’s ‘About’ page here. 
For anyone who hasn’t heard of reddit.com, it’s an online community about sharing information, new ideas, discussions, and finding out things! Anyone can post a topic, comment, or ask a question, and anyone can reply.
‘AMA’ in reddit-language means ‘Ask me anything.’ Meaning anyone can ask me a question, and I’ll do my best to answer all of them!
I’ve posted it about one or two weeks ago, and have had a few responses already. I’m not sure who will ask questions, and what about.. As anyone from anywhere in the world can ask a question!
Will the next question be from you?


Click here to view my topic on reddit, and ask me anything!



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