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Social trends and attitudes

Social trends and attitudes  


19 October 2014

For whatever reason(s), some people are just not suited to long term relationships.

This opening statement can equally apply to both males and females, as long gone are the days when many people held the belief that it was necessary for a couple to stay together even when a relationship was beyond repair. Back then, reasons given for sticking together often included phrases such as: “it’s for the children” or “for the sake of the family” (but really meaning the “face” or the image of the couples’ parents), or maybe the almost laughable: “for the sake of the neighbours…”

In the past, when many women were questioning the need to stay in a loveless or abusive or generally incompatible relationship, there was always that additional fear of “What do I do now, who do I turn to? Who will help me through a separation?”

Still, as I have said before, times have changed and the ever increasing numbers of divorces plus the propensity for people to co-habit rather than enter into a “contractual” relationship are just two examples of some of the social trends and newly acceptable attitudes prevalent in today’s modern world of instant information and communications.

Yet it’s not only marriage which has become somewhat of an outdated institution, as there has also been a seismic shift over the last 20 years or so in general attitudes to matters such as same sex-relationships, gay or lesbian rights… or the way people view

their role in society generally.

In short, people are, by and large, far more liberal than ever before.

Fortunately, with these changes in society, it is now far more acceptable for, say, a lady who has recently divorced or separated from a long-term partner to seek companionship, friendship…, or whatever else she needs…, from a short term companion.

Maybe the lady in question has been hurt or damaged by her former partner; possibly she has been abused, or maybe she has simply become jaded owing to the stresses and strains of juggling a marriage/relationship, work and home (maybe with children).

Whatever the reason, whatever the situation, it’s reassuring for many women to know that there is someone out there who can help. Someone like me to get them back on track, help them rediscover life and, importantly, get them back into believing in themselves.

My services embrace not only the physical side but also, increasingly, I have been spending more and more time helping women recover their  confidence and self-worth—often after they have had a particularly bad period in their lives.

And what’s more, going back to the main point I started with above, people in society are generally far more understanding and accepting of such needs—which can only be a good thing.

After all, at the end of the day, we are all only human with the same needs and wants!



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