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Friend, Companion and… Sometimes Lover

Friend, Companion and… Sometimes Lover  


27 October 2014

In all walks of life there are multi-layered levels of relationships.

Always have been and always will be.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that most human beings are highly complex, emotional beings whose relationships with one another can be highly fulfilling, rewarding and pleasurable; or downright fickle, troublesome and confrontational—but, indeed, most relationships can be such a contrast!

Though to be fair, perhaps this contrast is not that surprising as, almost without exception, we all present different facets and aspects of our character to the different people we interact with on a daily basis. Most of us behave differently according to the social situation we are in or according to the person or people we are with. We all have different personalities “within.”

In fact, if you spend a few seconds to think about this, you don’t act the same with your work colleagues as with your external acquaintances, friends, or members of the public…. and you certainly don’t act the same with your boss as with your close family members or ones that you love.

We are each a little different in every social situation in our lives.

Yet, there are some people out there who have an all-embracing passion for interacting with other people. People who are, amongst other things, generally calm, aware, rational, and able to empathise with different situations and circumstances, no matter how challenging and how fraught these may be.


Perhaps this is an innate gift, an in-built love and desire to help other people, that can also stretch to one’s clients—with the primary aim to try and bring more happiness and contentment to the world.

In my profession, it’s not enough these days just to be a short-term lover, a short-term provider of physical joy…. as many new male escorts entering the industry these days are…. In modern times my role has evolved to be one of friend, companion… and lover as the need arises.

As well as, of course, a provider of short term sexual gratification – No-strings-attached!!!

I’m almost a counsellor, a friend to share the good times and the secrets with; a companion to be there when others are not; someone to enjoy being out and about with; and a lover to offer that tenderness and understanding when you might need it most.

And the good thing is…, I am really sincere about this. I genuinely care for my clients… my friends, companions and lovers. And at the end of the day only want what is best for them.




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