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Self-Love: The Way from the Trembling Bunny to the Magician

16 September 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne


In this blog post about one aspect of Self-love, I want to teach you how you can become your own magician. You can create anything, and anything is possible.


As an expert in lovesickness, among many other things, I often work with people who often see themselves as victims. And they have reason to see themselves as victims – Unfortunately a lot of women have been the victims of terrible abuse, and/or other life circumstances. And things like that can’t just be forgotten.


But, even though it can be a very big step, there comes a time when you have to decide to no longer see yourself as a victim, but as a survivor. Otherwise you are letting the perpetrator win. They are sick twisted individuals who thrive on making others feel weak.


You are a survivor, and you can become your own magician.


We all have started into this earthly existence with unlimited opportunity for growth and fulfillment – Only to limit our full potential, to make ourselves fit in with what others expect us to be like. We convince ourselves of concepts and rules, which are usually not ours. We learn what we do, without questioning the WHY. We research a little; we nod and consume a lot. Luck remains on the track.


Do you sometimes play the game with others, with game rules that you neither question nor understand? Do you feel sometimes used, abused, as a victim?


That’s neither bad nor good. It is merely the decision from which position you and I give life an answer.


If I were to react most of the time, to decide to feel I play the victim role like the ”Shivering bunny in the pit of bad life circumstances,” I can believe that power is outside of me, unreachable. 


I can think that I am missing something, that I am not perfect, not good enough, and even not lovable. I deny my wand, and my hocus-pocus.


If I act, I decide to experience myself as a creator, like a magician. I know about the power that lives in me. I choose to unleash it. And I trust my blueprint and love a new, freer experience of my self.


Some people have often sat helpless and anxious like “bunnies in the pit.” Trembled like aspen leaves because the evil wolf lurked out there and bared his sharp teeth. The bunnies realised very quickly that the wolf did not settle for peace with their anxiety until he not only took their sanity, but also the pit. 


Last but not least, there was only a small corner left, and now there was a lot of oppression.


The bunnies were soon without air, without salad, and without habitat.


They realised they had to get out of this dilemma. 


When you decide to transform – once you make that decision, one cannot describe what happens at such moments. Some part of you then gets rage and courage. The magician in rabbit fur wakes up. You overcome the fear, and the sense of powerlessness.


You realise that you are stronger than you thought.


You realise that you can break free from this “pit” of bad life circumstance, and create new life circumstances. That you can create the life you want, and be who you want to be.


You have unlimited potential, and you are un-stoppable. You deserve better, and in that moment, from that moment, you understand and believe that.


You will learn to be able to love yourself. 


The change from the sacrificial to the creator mode is complete. You become the magician…



When we are of the belief that we are a victim, or to use the analogy above, to be in a place in life where we feel like the shivering bunny, we often believe that there is a person out there who pulls strings to create emotions. Sometimes it dances with ecstasy; sometimes it feels lifeless. A victim thus becomes a puppet, and the perpetrator of abuse becomes the puppeteer. 


We can no longer let them control or influence our lives!


We are survivors, not victims.


It is only once we have stripped and sacrificed the last shirt of self-denial, that we can recognise that we can be a Creator. And shape our own destiny.


While of course it’s not always as easy as this, I want this blog, with all my references to bunnies and magicians, to at least give you courage, and help you to guide yourself on your chosen path.


How do you get out of the victim role again?


Accept that you can choose consciously or unconsciously to be the bunny or the magician.

⦁ Recognise the benefit and downsides of the victim position

⦁ Take responsibility for your own emotions

⦁ Mindfulness and exercise

⦁ Recognise that you have consciously or unconsciously decided to sacrifice.

Nothing is good, and nothing is bad. You give things (one) meaning, through the judgement that you make. I have tried it extensively. At one point or another, I decided to turn the tables of thought. 


The things that I consider to be destructive and hindering, I assessed at once to be positive! Of course, a little bit of craziness is part of it. But we are all a little bit crazy. The craziest of us are those who think they are ”normal!”

Once you decide to become a magician, you will appreciate the creative role because you will remember how it felt like to be a victim.


It makes no difference whether you are aware that you choose the role of victim or not. At that moment, when you deliberately decide to be Creator, at that moment the bunny climbs out of the pit and becomes a magician.


You make emotions. That’s a fact. You experience something, you think about it, and you evaluate that information. Good or bad? Your judgement triggers a flood of emotions in seconds.


It is not the other one who mixes the cocktail of your emotions. You are the bartender; you juggle, drape and mix, until the cocktail you create either nourishes you, or poisons you.


Recognise that this is so. Become aware of your own power over your emotions, and you can mix the cocktail of a “Merlin” or a “Zeus.


A bunny often pauses. It forgets that the magician wants to be unleashed in him. It has to remember this fact again and again. So practice, be careful, don’t forget.


When you are ready to unleash magic – you can! You can! As soon as you believe you can. 


Like a magician pulling a bunny rabbit out of a hat – You can transform from a bunny rabbit, into a magician. The master of Your own destiny. 

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