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Male Escort Melbourne – 21 June, 2022 



I recently had a lover share this passage with me. I’m not sure of the exact author, it was found quoted on this Facebook page. 



Isn’t it beautiful…..  



“To the Masculine: hold her.   

You have the opportunity to heal a father wound, a society wound, a former partner wound.

Hold her in your arms, in your strength, in your unwavering presence.

You will need to do this again and again and again. Don’t get frustrated. Don’t close. Please. Feel your Love for her. Not trying to save her.

Attune to how incredibly strong your woman is, and honor her little girl whose needs weren’t met. She is grappling with this right now.

You holding her with unconditional Love and safety is healing her entire nervous system because you’re helping her to imprint something new.

Yes, your presence is that powerful. 

Claim her.   



To the Feminine: let him hold you.  

As you breathe in his arms, keep softening your body.

I know it wants to stay closed because that feels safer, but try, slowly, to open. Feel how safe you are, even if it’s just for this moment.

Feel his strength and devotion to you and your healing.

Yes, it is safe to soften into him. He’s got you. He wants you. Don’t think about the what ifs, stay in the now, with him.

Allow your body to speak to him. Soften, open, and make contact with him. Acknowledge his devotion with your touch.

He sees you, as you are, and is saying “yes” to all of you. Take that in. This is what you’ve always wanted, it’s here, don’t miss it. 

Receive it. 

Receive him.“ 


 – Sacred dreams





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