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Professional Disability Awareness Training Workshop

5 October 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne



I’ve been a male escort, companion, and sensual therapist for over ten years now, and for all of that time I’ve also been available to clients who have disabilities. This is a very important area I feel, as just because someone identifies as having a disability doesn’t mean they don’t want, desire, or need, the same sexual connection that we all do.



I’ve blogged before about Touching Base, and this here blog post is to let you all know about the next Professional Disability Awareness Training Workshop that will be held, in Sydney. 


This workshop is for sex workers / sensual therapists that may want to pursue their professional and personal development, in providing personal services to people living with disabilities.


This will be a great way to network with other like-minded individuals, and also to learn a few new things. And one thing I like about it is, on completion of this training program, participants get a Certificate of Attendance, to say that they have undertaken this training.


The reason I think that this is a great idea, is because well let’s look at it this way – If you want to work with people with disabilities, you can go to university or tafe and get accreditation. Just as you can get qualifications to work with children, or in aged care, or with any other group. But what if you want to have a qualification to say that you’re a sex worker who works with people with disabilities, and has the awareness and training to be able to deliver services in a safe and effective way? Can you get that at university or tafe? No. Well, not yet. Touching Base is working on trying to get things like this recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework. How cool is that?


If you’re reading this, and you are a sex worker / sensual therapist who would like to attend the workshop, click here to check it out. 


The next workshop is in Sydney, on November 27th. I will be attending, and just thought I’d spread the word about the importance of workshops like this. 


Because we all deserve the same love and respect.


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