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Half of a loaf is better than no bread!

24 September 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne


“Half a loaf is better than none,” so they say, but not what we always want to believe. “I’ll rather fight for the other half”, is what I’ve heard many say, but the truth still remains the same – That half you have with you is good enough to make you better, just do something with it. 



Unfortunately not so many people can confidently say they are happy or contented with the life they are living, but trust me, the best thing you can do is to appreciate what you have at the moment. I’m sure you’ve seen people who are living better than you are right now but the other side of it is that there are people living worse. 



If you do not like what you have, instead of complaining, rather strive to make it what you’ve always wanted. While contentment is the essence of a harmonious life, the zeal to be better or make something better is important to make progress. Progress in your own life journey, whatever that may mean to you, is important. Growth is what keeps people alive, it’s what keeps the world alive. Whether it’s growth as a person, achieving goals you have, growth in your career, or progress along the journey of being a parent, brother, sister, friend.. Simply being a human means we are constantly growing.


And in order to continue your personal growth, and to feel fulfilled, it’s important to focus on the good things you already have in your life. It’s important to be grateful.


What you focus on, grows. You get more of what you focus on. If you focus on that half a loaf of bread that you have, appreciate it, and be grateful for having it, then you will find that you can easily find another half loaf of bread. And another whole loaf, and another and another, until soon enough you can have a whole bakery, if you want it. An abundance of good things can come to you, to share with family, friends, and others. What you focus on, grows. It’s the law of attraction, baby.


If instead you focus on not having a whole loaf of bread, and you focus on the half that you don’t have, feel miserable, and feel unworthy – what will you attract? You will attract less, and then you may have a quarter of a loaf, and then no bread at all. Negative thinking attracts negative outcomes, and it starts a vicious cycle.


If you’re already in a vicious cycle of negative circumstances, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and experiences – You can break out of it Now! You can decide to focus on the half loaf of bread that you do have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have.


Appreciate what you have, and work hard to be more…


Where Focus goes, Energy flows.


“Change your thoughts and you change 

your world.”

– Norman Vincent Peale 

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