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Need some attention and TLC?

Need some attention and TLC?

7 October 2017

Everybody needs a human touch…
– Vanessa Amorosi, Absolutely Everybody.


Quite true, in my opinion. Holding hands, hugging, embracing; even a simple touch of someone’s forearm or an arm around the shoulder are all signs of affection. Of course, such displays can mean many things depending upon how the action is delivered or executed.

It might be a consoling “don’t worry too much” pat on the hand or forearm. Or an arm around the shoulder to welcome back a family member or a close friend who’s been away; or the initial physical contact of a boyfriend or girlfriend as a prelude to getting to know each other better.

Similarly, a quick hug might be between two friends who haven’t seen each other for a while. Or between a sportsperson who has just scored a basketball or football goal and his/her teammates, or two people who have broken some sporting record. With more affectionate hugs being reserved for two people who are, perhaps, already intimate or are about to become so.

In any event, all of the aforementioned are examples of how humans need the touch of others. No matter what the reason or the purpose, no matter how long the duration, we all long to be close to someone now and then.

All of us – You, me, and everyone else – naturally, being human, have the same in-built needs and wants, for touch, and affection.


Everyone needs someone to pay some attention to them now and then; to hold them; to embrace them. To feel that there is someone out there who needs them, will care for them and offer some extra special TLC (tender loving care).

As we all know, it’s a hard world out there and life can be cruel and unkind—especially for a single lady or a woman who has, perhaps, recently separated from her partner or husband or who has been alone, or without a man, for some time and is now just beginning to “pick up the pieces” again.

The need for affection and understanding is almost overpowering. The need to have someone treat you well—almost spoil you if you like—can go a long way to rebuilding confidence and self esteem. To be given some tender love and care can really work wonders for many ladies who have, in some cases, almost forgotten what it’s like to have someone be there for them, to listen to their stories and empathise with their situation.

So close your eyes and take some time to imagine what it would be like to have someone give you their undivided attention for as long as you need, to treat you well and impart some TLC just as you like it.

Nice thoughts, right? Well you know where I am….





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