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Evolution of Love (part 2)

Evolution of Love (part 2)

15 October 2017

In part one, I posed the question: Just what is love?

I hope for all those who follow my Blog, my article might have encouraged you to ask yourself this question—and I’d be very curious to know what sort of answers you came up with!

So, picking up again on the theme of part one, it seems to me late thirties to 40 is a pivotal age group for relationships and the definition of, or of what we understand to be, love. Men especially seem to go through an early trial run, or rehearsal if you will, of a mid-life crisis. Probably under pressure owing to their career, plus possibly a stressful family life (often unfortunately caused by the man himself!), many men almost wilt and start looking around for relief from such a situation… affairs, flings, extra marital liaisons, or fail to give sufficient attention to their wives or partners and, to some extent “forget”, they are still in love with the one they married or have had children with.

Similarly, many women seem to “stray” or fall out of love with their husbands or partners around age 40, partly (often mostly!) due to the attitude and actions of their men, or partly due to the routine of married life having become all too mundane. I’m not talking about everyone or every relationship, of course, but I see this sort of situation more and more as time goes by.

Then we have the fully-fledged 40s and 50s. Clearly no-one is the same at 45-50 as they were at 25 and things such as likes and dislikes, attitude and outlook to life plus a myriad of other factors are all different. Love is probably well and truly ensconced in the back-seat in most relationships at this time, and often all that’s left of a relationship might just be platonic friendship.

Or it might not be… sometimes when the children have grown up and left home, the so-called “empty nesters” can rekindle their relationship—although this will naturally be a different type of relationship and love. If the couple are still having an active sex-life, love may still be in the air whereas, more often than not, this has died away with the passing of time.

You may agree or not agree with my comments above—and, yes, I know there are always exceptions to the generalisations I have been making… As everyone is different!

So, why is the “evolution of love” important to me? Why do I wish to know about this process?

It’s simple, really. It helps me help you. Helps me understand where you are with your own evolution of love. Helps me know more about your feelings, perhaps, after a relationship breakdown.

And, importantly, helps me to know even more just what you might need or why you want a “pick-me –up”! Worth a try, right?



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