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Need a babysitter



14 March 2014

Do you have a baby, or toddler, and feel like you don’t get much time to yourself? That you might like
to have your male companion Leo visit, but can’t think of an excuse to find a babysitter? Imagine, asking
your mum, sister, or friend to look after your baby for the evening or night, so you can have a friend
visit.. They might ask questions, and you might not want to have to make up an excuse, or have them
asking any questions..
Well don’t worry, I’m great with kids! You can introduce me to your baby or toddler as a friend, and then
when they have gone to bed, I can give you a lovely massage and more, and you can have the time for
yourself that you deserve..
Don’t be embarrassed; just because you are a mum, doesn’t mean you can’t have time to enjoy
yourself, and have someone look after all your needs and desires 🙂


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