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20 March 2014

I am proud to be working independently, and providing the best service that I can, and am always a cut above the rest. I have heard from some clients who have seen male escorts working with an agency, that the service is much less personal.. and intimacy is a personal thing; Or at least a bit personal.

Unfortunately with the proliferation of male escort agencies in Australia in the last two to three years, the escort industry is becoming too corporate, which is taking away what you are really looking for. I can be your escort, but also your companion. I love to provide whatever you are looking for – from a no-strings-attached wonderful intimate encounter, to an ongoing friendship. A lot of male escorts working for escort agencies see their job mainly as a way to make money, and so they don’t provide the unique service that I do.
I have actually been approached by a well-known Melbourne male escort agency recently asking me to work for them, and I just couldn’t accept, as I just love being independent, and able to give women just what they are looking for. Put yourself first! Get in touch with me today.
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