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How much PDA is okay?

Male Escort Melbourne – 18 July 2022



PDA (public displays of affection) is quite a common sight in Australia, with couples young and old not hesitating to show their affection through physical gestures in public places. In fact, a study with 2,000 participants found that over two thirds (58%) of Australians believe that tongue-kissing in public is completely acceptable. The number’s not at all surprising. Mmm. 



So, you might wonder why this question is relevant in the first place! Well, I want to address one thing in the blog. Though PDA is completely acceptable in most public places (and I completely support it), there are a few where it’s better to be patient than sorry, and I figured you might want to know them. So let’s get started!




When you’re at work
Sorry to be the bearer of this not-so-good news, but more often than not, most workplaces don’t encourage public display of affection. A quick kiss or hug is of course okay, but you might want to take the things beyond that outside your working hours. We do live in a free world with the liberty of doing a lot of things we couldn’t a couple hundred years ago (which is great!) though limiting PDA in the workplace is part of professional ethics. The same rules apply when you’re dating a coworker, whether your other colleagues know about you two or not.



However, you can of course get touchy-feely all you want with your bae if you’re both working from home during this pandemic, unless you’re in a video conference call with your colleagues! What better way to fully make use of this unique period in our lives? Haha.




When you’re with family
Well, there’s no black-or-white rule for this scenario. Each family is unique, and you’re the best judge of whether PDA is okay or not in front of them, and if yes, then how much. You can revisit your childhood memories for some context. Was it ‘normal’ to discuss ‘the thing’ with your folks back then, or was it a hush-hush topic in the household? It might give you an insight into whether you want to take things forward with your bae in your family’s presence without them flinching or feeling embarrassed! In addition to this, it can be completely setting-based as well. Are you at a big family gathering with all your uncles and aunts visiting? Or is it just a close-knit intimate family get-together? You’re the best judge to decide what and how much would be okay!



Last but definitely not the least: When you’re in a public place
This as well is not a black-or-white case. This is where people tend to cut the most slack out of all the settings, of course. However, you can keep a couple of things in mind and you will be good to go! For example, most people wouldn’t bat an eye when it comes to getting all lovey-dovey at a pub or a bar. Or in a public place but in a private ish spot.. and maybe not too lovey-dovey, Lol. And of course, there’s the classic theatre experience that I’m sure a lot of us have gone through in teenage years, going on to adulthood! The best and the most inoffensive space that gives you the utmost privacy and liberty possible at a public place.



To get more clarity on what should and should not be done, think from a third person’s perspective. Would you be okay with someone sticking their tongue down the throat of their partner at a table beside you at a fine dining restaurant? I doubt that. Or would you mind someone even going till second base at a matinee? More often than not, not much.



So, the thumb rule is think by putting yourself in the third person’s shoes and about the environment you’re in, and you’ll be mostly sorted.



I’m easy-going, depending on the context, and I don’t at all mind public displays of affection – So you set the boundaries!



I’ll see you on the next blog. Till then, keep spreading love and let it multiply!







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