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Having Relationship Troubles? Sometimes You’re Just One Communication Away from the Solution

Having Relationship Troubles? Sometimes You’re Just One Communication Away from the Solution

Male Escort Melbourne – September 29 2021


Have you experienced things like this? You and your partner are speaking the same language to communicate; it does look like that on the surface, but on the inside, at least one of you feels as if what they are saying sounds completely gibberish to the other, not able to make heads or tails of what they’re trying to convey.


Noah and Olivia have been in a relationship for 5 long years. Considering this time, you’d probably assume that everything is smooth and excellent between them, wouldn’t you? What you wouldn’t know is that even after spending so much time together, they would get into fights now and then. 


By fights I don’t mean the toxic kind, which has physical, verbal, or mental abuse, but the silly kind, where Noah just can’t comprehend why Olivia is so mad if they couldn’t have breakfast together just once, when he had to hurry up for work for that urgent meeting. Or, Olivia just can’t figure out in her wildest dreams why Noah would get so upset that she forgot to kiss him goodbye. 


Not surprisingly, almost every relationship out there experiences this, and it’s completely fine! It just shows the obvious and the most natural thing: your relationship isn’t perfect, just like no one’s is. It’s what you do to resolve these differences that matters.


Both of them must understand that when it comes to love, a human wants to be loved in a way that their child version would want to, not how their adult self would. And that’s why it doesn’t make sense to two adults in a relationship why a silly thing affects them so much. This happens because these silly things are significant to their child versions.


In what ways would they understand this? Open-mindedness and respect: two of the most important factors of Communication. Today, let’s discuss 5 key ways in which I feel you can definitely improve your communication, thereby your relationship! These tips not only work in your romantic relationships, but in all kinds of relationships out there.



5 Good Ways to Improve Communication in a Relationship

  1. Don’t Be a Perfect Mind Reader

While it would be amazing if you were able to read all the thoughts that your partner had and vice versa, and things could magically work out even before any problem showed its face, but in practice, as we all know, that’s not the case. If you ask me, it’s better like this, as healthy conflicts and differences strengthen a relationship and bring the two people in it closer together. Olivia and Noah in our example can sort things out by communicating what they need to feel loved. It can be as ‘important’ as daily affirmations or as ‘silly’ as daily goodbye kisses or longer cuddles! You can check this to know more about why you don’t have to read minds to make your relationship successful.


     2. Be a Visual Reader

While it’s not possible to be a mind reader all the time, it is definitely possible to pick visual cues for obvious reasons. You can’t really ‘see’ the thoughts inside someone’s head but you can definitely notice the visual changes that they cause. Anything out of the ordinary could hint towards something not right. You can then definitely discuss it with your S.O at a suitable time and resolve it early on.

Moreover, it’s not just the things you see, but also the things you hear, for example, the tone of your partner’s voice while they converse with you or answer your questions. Do they sound annoyed or worried? Do they sound angry? You will definitely notice these changes if you are present and perceptive.


      3. Keep Conversations Open

Conversations that are open encourage a flow or continuation. For example, you can avoid questions that have definitive answers, like a yes or a no. Instead of asking “Did you like tonight’s dinner?” you can phrase it like “How was the dinner tonight?” What the second question does is it triggers your partner to think how the dinner was and give descriptions for it. Their answer in turn can give you something else to pick up on and hence lead to a good long conversation!


     4. Recognise Your Partner’s Communication Methods

Some people find it easier than others to directly communicate what they are feeling, while others depend on indirect communication styles to express their emotions. People in this category often need persuasion to fully express their thoughts. Lastly, there are some others who tend to keep everything in and hardly communicate openly what they need or don’t like. Find out what kind of communicators you and your partner are and start from there.


     5. Understand the Difference Between Communication and Connection

In relationships, especially in long ones like Noah’s and Olivia’s or long-distance ones, true communication tends to take a backseat. Communication, in its true essence, is not just superficial small talk but a way of really connecting with your bae, to understand them better, to help them when they need it, and of course to resolve conflicts between you two in a healthy way. Use this powerful tool to truly connect and bond with your partner and not just to talk about trivial chores of daily life that are insignificant in the long run.



I hope these tips help you in some way in better communicating with your boo. If you like this, don’t miss out on this blog post that I wrote to help you understand the true meaning of the 5 love languages and more ways of making your relationship thrive.



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