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Hair down there?

Hair down there?

15 February 2018

One question that I occasionally get asked is “Leo, should I shave or wax my pubic hair before I see you?” 
To which my reply is simple – I don’t mind. I want to make you feel wonderful, magnificent, relaxed, sexy, and completely comfortable. I want you to feel amazing inside and out, and all over! I want you to feel good, and sexy, about who you are, and everything about yourself 🙂

So if you’d feel better with having no hair around your lady bits when you see me, then you can remove it however you prefer – waxing, shaving, hair cream, or maybe laser hair removal.
If you would feel more comfortable leaving your hair grown, that’s just as fine! Or you might like to keep it trimmed, manicured, or partly waxed… However you feel comfortable, is what I am most comfortable with.
Be yourself, and do whatever makes you feel good! That’s just one of my many mottos in life, and it applies just as much to body hair as to anything else. After all, if you were to be intimate with anyone, and they disliked something about you, or they were complaining about your appearance at all – Then they are not worth your time! You deserve to be with someone who wants to be with you as you are, and as you like to be.

A lot of women like to wax, or remove hair in any other way, quite regularly, or may decide to do it occasionally. There are also a lot of women who like to have their private hair be au naturel and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.
I want to love every part of your body, whatever you look like. So please feel free to do whatever you like with your hair, and not be judged at all 🙂
I think everyone should be comfortable with how they are, and how they like to keep their body!

Personally, I don’t like body hair on myself, and I don’t keep hair anywhere on my body below my eyebrows, well, below my eyelashes I should say (now just stop and think about that for a moment…). With a combination of shaving, and laser hair removal (while it might not be for everyone, I’ve found it works wonders, and with permanent results!) I like to keep my body neat, clean, and smooth in every way.
Saying that, that’s my personal preference for how I feel comfortable,, and I don’t have a preference for how I’d like you to be. I want you to feel comfortable with how you feel comfortable! Love the skin you’re in 🙂
And yes I realise I have used the word ‘comfortable’ quite a lot in this blog post! – I just want you to feel completely comfortable, and more, in every way! 🙂



 ‘Mad Max’ scene, from the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ 


 Then afterwards…  




‘No bush?’ scene, from the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’



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