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For those less fortunate

For those less fortunate


23 May 2016

Inequality and injustice seem to be a blight on the human race.

Whether this be inequality as a result of social status, beliefs, gender or even skin colour, the vast majority of the human race is, sadly, particularly adept at discriminating against other humans.

Quite why this is I’ve never really been able to work out. Sure, there have been historical events which have polarised people or there are cultural differences or opposite points of views to consider but, at the end of the day, we are all biologically the same—and, like it or not, all have to share the same planet for as long as we wish to continue to exist!

Much of the prejudice that we can see in the world today stems from things we are taught as children by our parents, teachers and other figures we look up to. It goes without saying that children, generally, are prejudice free and will happily play, talk or mix with any other child—and it’s only when elders start to make comments, disparaging remarks or air their own likes and dislikes about other people that children start to take note—and begin to implement their own discriminatory ways.

We mould our young people to dislike, reject and hate others when there really is no need to do so. Surely, we should be teaching compassion, understanding and tolerance for others who may be different or less fortunate; surely our so-called moral leaders need to do better.

Sadly, today’s world is very much a “me” world and people are so wrapped up in their own issues and problems that they never seem to have time for others; never seem to set aside their stereotypical views of others and take each other at face value.

Meeting as many people as I do, I can appreciate that the fast pace of the world means that, primarily, you have to focus on yourself and your immediate kin, yet it would be nice if, at least for part of the time, more people could spend some time thinking about others less fortunate….

There are many people from broken homes out there looking for love; many people who have been denied a good, proper education owing to family circumstances; people who have made one or two bad decisions when they were younger and have never really been able to recover from them; people who are being discriminated against because they dare to be different in some way (and not always by choice!). There are many people who have all different kinds of things going on in their lives.

So, when you feel your problems or issues are so great they feel almost intolerable, spare a thought for those less fortunate—and be grateful.

Maybe your life is not so bad after all!


“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

– Willie Nelson



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