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Every day is a new day

Every day is a new day


24 November 2014

I don’t know about you but I always look forward to the new day.

The freshness of a new morning; the revitalised body and energy levels after a good night’s sleep, and the renewed mental alertness ready for the challenges of the next 16 hours or so.

I guess I am an optimist by nature and always believe that the future is brighter than what’s gone before. It’s so easy in modern times when, seemingly, pressures of life are greater than ever before, to get stressed out over relatively minor things or get upset or angry about things or with people.

Maybe it’s due in part to the advent of instant, immediate, instantaneous communications that now, sadly to some extent, dominate our lives. Many people, as soon as they receive a message or text feel obliged to answer instantly, no matter whether the issue is important or not; likewise the sender of the message is eagerly anticipating a quick reply!

Of course, not all of our stresses and strains originate from the need to be in touch with others instantly, we all have work issues, family issues and just the trials and tribulations of day to day living to contend with.

For me…my philosophy is simply to sometimes take a step back, maybe even take a deep breath or two, and rationalise situations which might be causing stress or anxiety. Are they really that serious or important that they have to be dealt with right now? Are they things that have a fairly easy solution if I exercise a modicum of patience and understanding? Are they worth me getting upset and losing sleep about?

Well, we all have our own ways of dealing with life and its challenges. We all know, deep down inside, that, over time, things will only get better. It’s just, more often than not, putting matters into perspective, not losing sight of the “big picture”.

I spend a lot of time with many of my clients helping them see that life can, again, be joyous; see that their future will be much better than their recent past. As well as providing the physical comforts and pleasures that every human needs, I enjoy seeing my clients regain their confidence and zest for life. Often, it’s necessary for me to try and help them regain their trust in men.

But one of my overall goals is to help my client see that every day is a new day; a new day which can be full of surprises, excitement and the joys of living!



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