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Beliefs and their obstacle to happiness

Beliefs and their obstacle to happiness


19 November 2014

No matter which way you look at it, we all come from the same place.

We all start life in the same form, until some nine or so months later our mothers deliver us to this world. Yet, whilst being conceived and born is not an easy way to start life, it’s only after birth that our trials and tribulations really begin.

Being the individuals that we are, brought to life with an unmatchable and irreplaceable set of characteristics, early on in our formative years’ development we soon learn to form ideas, opinions, likes and dislikes, preferences and choices. Given the nature of us being the social beings that we are, we divide ourselves into groups, sets, gangs, tribes…, call them what you will. We separate ourselves by, for example, the colour of our skin, the language that comes from our mouths, the sports teams we support, and the beliefs we have in things real… but more often than not imagined.

Sadly, we entangle, entwine and embroil ourselves in issues and matters which really do not need to be so complicated; sometimes we attempt to govern, guide and encumber our lives with things which really, if you sit down for a few minutes and think about them objectively and rationally, without any undue outside interference of others, do not make much sense or are not really relevant.

But, worst of all is when others try and tell us how we may live our own lives; what we may do and may not do. Yes, I do understand and accept that society has got to have some rules of behaviour, that’s fine; but it’s not always necessary to follow rules and regulations which originate from a bygone era which have been repeatedly corrupted and handed down over the years, simply to suit the purposes of the enforcers of such rules.


What is Leo getting at? I hear you say. Where is he going with this piece? 

Well, considering that my profession involves meeting a lot of people, on a regular basis, I am always amazed at how many people feel bound by the constraints on what they have been taught whilst young and impressionable; how many people worry about seeing me because they have been told it’s not right; how many people cannot seem to shake off their deep seated belief in things, more often than not imagined, but which have been instilled into them at an early age.

I believe that everyone should be able to do what they want within the bounds of a normal society. If you are lonely, upset, need comfort or loving… or are simply, horny (for want of a better word) and would like a good time, then you should seek such solace. If you are in need of some companionship or are recovering from bad times and need a “pick me up” encounter, then go for it—don’t wait and worry about what general society or some of your friends, family, or peers might think; don’t wait and worry about what is right for your neighbours or friends—think about yourself for a change.

And cast off the shackles of years of following beliefs or constraints which have not allowed you to be… you!

You the individual, the person. You, the one with real needs and wants. And you can text message or email me anytime.




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