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Did someone ask for a fireman in the house?

Did someone ask for a fireman in the house?

6 February 2018

Whether you’d like to be swept off your feet, or held in a warm embrace – Have you ever wondered or fantasised about a fireman, or any man in uniform, being all yours?
Give me a call if you need anything done – Maybe your pussy (cat) needs rescuing from a tree 😉
Or you might benefit from a helping hand with certain things…
In many ways I am like a fireman – Muscular, rugged, chiseled, strong… And always here to help!
While we are talking about firefighters, I’d like to shout out a big Thankyou to all firefighters, men and women, who protect our cities.. And especially a big Thankyou to the volunteer firefighters who protect our rural and regional areas.
My adorable little companion and soul mate thought she’d like to be in the photos as well 🙂


Click here to see more fireman photos


If you’d like the fireman experience, you know what to do… 



“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”
– Muhammed Ali



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