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Be what you want to be

Be what you want to be


27 July 2015

As far I can recall, it’s always been the same.

Whilst we are all different, quite unique individuals we all seem to have a need to basically conform; to be like all of the other people. In some ways what I’d call semi-homogenous.

Almost everyone goes through their lives following well-established norms, conventions, rules and regulations and laws; living their lives within their own routines, plans and foibles. In the past, not too many people would step dramatically “out of line”, out of the established ways, owing to peer pressure from others, from their families and from society at large.  

One key problem being that, sadly, throughout the history of mankind, people who are different or who don’t conform to society’s vision of the “ideal” person, or minorities of any type, form or shape have always, unfortunately, been persecuted, marginalised or ostracised.

Humans, in general, have been extremely adept at excluding or belittling other humans simply on the basis of skin colour, language or creed. So much so that I often ask myself the questions: “Why is this? Are we not all humans from the same place of birth (our mothers), and with the same biology?”

I wonder if it is the fear of the so-called unknown or of people not being prepared to try to understand something or someone “different”, with radically different tastes or interests or even simply dress sense. Or is it the result of blindly following dogma that was promulgated centuries ago…, well… to be honest, I‘m not really sure.  

Happily, though, as societies become increasingly liberal and more open-minded there will be, and is, less discrimination and less need to conform—plus, hopefully, more opportunities for free expression. As communities become more diverse and cosmopolitan, there will be an improvement in the outlook of those more narrow minded people who continue to want “the masses” to be enslaved by conformity of expression. 

Sure, for the sake of peace and harmony, everyone should continue to follow societies’ rules and laws to ensure equitable treatment for all, but just because someone dresses differently or has preferences when it comes to physical partners, it should not mean that they become the victims of overt or covert discrimination either at work, play or at home.

My view is that everyone should be what they want to be; within reason, and if they are not affecting anyone else: do what they want to do.

After all, if truth be told, we have no higher authority than ourselves!










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