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5 great things to pick you up

5 great things to pick you up


12 August 2015

You know sometimes how we all get down, feel unhappy or moody sometimes? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. We’re all human!


Maybe it’s the same time of every month when our moods involuntary change—perhaps when our metabolisms and cycle of life are at the lowest ebb of the month. Or maybe it’s simply that a combination of factors, some of which we cannot control, all come together to create an unpleasant or unhappy experience which affects the way we view life and the people around us.

Whatever it is, I have come to learn to accept that no matter how much of an optimist you might be, no matter how positive you try to be about life and its foibles, its up and downs, there will still always be times when you feel a little low. Nothing unusual in that; but the trick is not to let all of these negative or advise things unduly bother you!  





Well, for me, one thing I love to do to relax my mind, and feel better, is to focus on nature. I observe, look at and listen to some of the wonders of nature; some of the things which we take for granted but are an integral part of any life-cycle. We are all a part of nature and the universe, and sometimes it really pays to pay attention to the wonders of it’s majesty, and realise how we all fit in to it all.


Here are just 5 amazing things we can experience, pay attention to, and also use as healing, if you will, in times when we may feel down:  


  • •The beauty of an approaching series of heavy storm clouds, impregnated with rain; the way they form and their shape is constantly evolving, with the strong winds pushing them along the atmosphere; the hues of the clouds, the magnificent greys, charcoals, darkness, and “dirty” white colours—plus the usual sense of calmness as the wind drops before it rains, and most animals become scarce.      


  • •Bird song in the early morning as the dawn chorus welcomes the first light of the new day; first one lone “singer”, then a respondee; gradually others join in until finally we have a crescendo of twittering, warbling and other sounds as our feathered friends wake up and start their new day.    


  • •The smell of freshly cut grass whether it be from your own garden (and with you doing the cutting!) or in a public park; the richness, the beauty of the aroma almost defies description—yet it is a smell common to all country-dwellers and city dwellers, bringing a reminder of pleasant times and helping induce a feeling of relaxation and calmness.  


  • •Watching a beautifully coloured butterfly, or bee, as it meanders from flower to flower, plant to plant; admiring not only its freedom and, apparent random, irregular movements, but in most cases it’s amazing, translucent colours and hues.  


  • •The largest living organism on our planet! How many times have you stopped and really looked at trees? Admired their strength, their resilience? Maybe thought how they offer shelter to other plants and a home and food source through berries, fruits etc to many animals (such as ants, birds, bats, snakes, lizards and so on); so many different types and varieties, so many different shapes and colours—it’s hard to begin to imagine what they have seen and heard over the centuries.  




So, I’m sure you will have your own top 5 or so things which can bring you around when you have been feeling low, but I’m equally sure most times the majority of people overlook or take for granted the simple wonders of the nature of our world!






 Make hay while the sun shines 🙂






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