Leo Dale

A New Year

A New Year

1 January 2017

Welcome to 2018. May this year be a good one for you. I wish everyone the best of health, happiness, love, and prosperity.
May this year bring with it fresh opportunities, new beginnings, and many wonderful experiences.

I thought I might start this month by posting the content for the month of January of a calendar that I have hanging in my bedroom, for 2018.
It’s an inspiring calendar named ’12 Simple Things to Remember All Year Long,’ with nice little thoughts about life. You never know, I might even write a blog at the start of each month with little tidbits from this calendar.

Here’s what it says for January:


Love is why we are here

Love is the greatest force on earth, and it is why we are here.
Love is a verb. Love is not just a feeling; it is an action. It is most evident in what you do, for there will be days when you will be called to love even when you may not have feelings of love.
Love is a choice. Understanding this concept will change your life significantly and may determine your ability to maintain lifelong happiness.
Love never ends. The greatest gift you can give to yourself or another is the gift of commitment… to say “I do” but also “I will.”


Of course, Love is and can be so much more than that, but these are some nice principles to live by.



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