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5 Dating Tips from the Love Doctor

Male Escort Melbourne – 21 November 2022

5 Dating Tips from the Love Doctor

I meet quite a few women of different walks of life in my career. While a lot of them are happily single and choose to be so (and there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s for sure!), there are others who would very much like to begin or resume dating, but are skeptical of the whole concept of it for various reasons. 


While it’s pretty understandable why they feel this way, I believe that if someone really wants to give this a go, they definitely should. It might come across as something ironic coming from me, but believe me when I say that your happiness is the priority for me, regardless of whether you find it in spending time with me or with something else altogether. 


With that said, let’s dive right in so that you see for yourself if you can take away at least one thing from this blog.




    1. Attachment early on is a big no-no

I’m not talking about love at first sight per se, but don’t engross yourself in them so much that you begin to lose a big part of yourself. You have to understand that even if a match or potential partner feels promising, it’s a good idea to take it slow and understand them and how they are first. If you get attached to them too fast too soon, there’s a high chance you might feel connected to a version of them that’s entirely your mind’s projection and not the reality at all. 




    2. It takes two to tango

It’s a no-brainer that any kind of partnership, romantic relationship included, takes effort from both the ends. I’m not talking about some one-off instance when they forgot to turn up at a date because of some emergency. If you observe a pattern of them keeping everything above you on their priority list, then you should rethink the whole situation.




    3. There are no bad dates – There are good dates and dates you learn from

Sometimes dating can be frustrating, but unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world, it has become all the more challenging to build something meaningful with a stranger. Enjoy the good dates and see what you can take away from the not-so-good ones. And unfortunately from what I’ve heard there can often be more not-so-good dates than good ones. Another advantage with this process is that you will learn new things even about yourself and what you like and don’t in a potential partner.




    4. You can’t make up for someone’s lack of self-love

It’s true that you can love someone truly only if you love yourself first, and no one else can do it for you, no matter how hard they try. It’s important to assess whether the person you’re dating is with you for love or attention and validation. You may confuse one with the other in the early phase of a potential relationship but it’s important you figure this out soon. If that individual is not there yet, they have to reach that level of self-awareness and maturity first before going for a committed and potentially long-term relationship.




    5. Do they bring out the best version of yourself?

This goes both ways. It’s basic that you should at least feel good in general when you’re with that special person. Of course it can be rocky sometimes but what matters is how you feel when you’re around them in a general sense. If most of the times that you’re with them leaves you feeling worse than how you felt before, this can be a red flag. The world out there is challenging enough in its own right, you don’t want that in your companion too.




Final thoughts

Well, I hope I could be of some help if you’re someone who is considering dating again. However, do keep in mind there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to what you should be doing. It’s alright if you think you should stay single and maybe have fun once in a while! On the other hand, if you feel you’re ready to mingle again and want to give dating a try, that’s fine too! Just make sure that whatever you decide, it’s completely your choice and not a result of someone pressuring you or influencing you in a negative way. See you on the next blog. 



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