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Your male escort of 12+ years

8 April 2021 – Male Escort Melbourne 


Your male escort of 12+ years 


Being your male companion is something I’ve always wanted to do.


It’s a role that I love doing, and every day I am continually training my mind and body, to stay at peak performance.


Every day I see clients of all different ages, backgrounds, and life circumstances. Every day I put a smile on someone’s face.

I love being here for you



My work, or my mission as I call it, is very varied, and no two days are ever the same. I do what I do with pride, knowing that I’m having a positive effect on people’s lives. I love spreading the love, and spreading incredible energy.


It may be helping you to heal after you’ve been through a traumatic experience – reintroducing you to sex, and bringing out your Sensual Goddess. It may be picking you up when you’re feeling down, a massage and good company because it’s enjoyable and meaningful, going out for dinner, to performances, or movies together, or having amazing mind-blowing sex jut for the simple reason is that you can, and you deserve it – whatever the reason, I’m here for you


My first engagement all those years ago was on Easter Sunday, 2009. I went into this experience a little nervous, but managed to carry myself well, and gave my first client a wonderful evening to remember. 


At the end of our time together, my client handed me an envelope, and gave me a little Easter egg. What a nice memory.


That first booking filled my confidence bucket a little, and from there my self-assurance grew and grew. I knew from that night that yes, I had made the right decision. And that yes, this was my true calling.



And now, well, after twelve years, look how far I’ve come.

I’ve helped to enrich the lives of many women, and continue to do so.

It’s not unusual for me to be solidly booked for more than a month in advance.


With more than twelve years experience as an escort, you can be very assured that I know what I’m doing.

This makes me Melbourne’s longest continually serving male escort for women.


I love when I have a client, or former client, tell me how much our time together means or meant to them, and how it’s helped influence their life in a positive, and often very positive, way.



A lot of guys think that being a male escort is easy; something that anyone can do. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.


I have stood the test of time (while still being in my early 30’s!) and I will continue to serve you for as long as I live.


On the contrary, most of the male escorts for women that you may see online now, started working in the last year or two, while most of the male escorts you see online now may well be out of the industry within a year or two from now.


It’s just how it is. It’s a calling that isn’t for everyone, and takes a certain type of person to be able to fulfil these many, varying roles.


By all means, I’m not trying to speak disrespectfully of or criticise any other male escorts. I’m good mates with many male escorts, and there are some mighty fine guys doing some mighty fine work. But there are also a some amateur male escorts, acting inappropriately and taking advantage of women.


This predatory behaviour gives the whole industry a bad name and makes it very hard for some women to ever trust a man again.



I’m all about making women feel special. Realising that they are special.


I feel that what I am doing is very important, and is what I’m meant to be doing.


I live every day with gratitude, appreciation, happiness, hope, and love. 


And I want to shine a little of that love on you.


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