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You are always safe with me – Regular health check update

7 March 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne


Your health and safety is very important to me, as is my own. My mission in life is to be a positive influence in your life – To inspire you, to make you feel confident, sexy, and wonderful, among other things….!


It is very important to me to know that I am safe, and can provide you with a completely safe and enjoyable experience.


For your peace of mind, as well as my own, I make sure to have a complete STI/STD (Sexually transmitted infections and diseases) screening every three to four months.


I’ve just got the results of my latest check-up, and it’s all clear, as it always has been, and as I ensure it always will be.


It’s always good to know that I am safe, clean, clear, and “D & D free” (no drugs or diseases!) You can rest assured  that you are always safe with me.


Having done extensive research on sexually transmitted diseases/infections, and how they are spread, I always make sure to be as safe as can be.


I would never ever want to catch something, or spread it to you! Or cause an unplanned pregnancy. Let’s be safe, no matter what we might get up to.


Our health is very important. Let’s enjoy each other’s company, knowing that you are safe in my hands.

“Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.” 

– Jules Robson

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