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30 November 2017

(Please Note, as we are already reading in WordPress, this blog probably doesn’t make sense! 😉 My main blog page can be accessed by Clicking Here!)

You know how sometimes you might want to read back over a blog that I’ve wrote, but you have to scroll through all the posts to find it? It can be a little frustrating, right..
That’s just the style I like to write, all of my blog posts one after the other, words and different topics flowing into each other. Though to make it a little easier to locate different blog posts, I’ve recently created a WordPress blog, which can be viewed by clicking here. So now you can choose how to read my blogs. I’ll post them all on here first, and then onto my WordPress blog as well.

Now we can scroll down the page, and see the titles of the blogs, and click on each one to read it separately.
As well as that, you are able to post comments, and questions, on each blog post! Pretty cool, huh?

So whichever style you might like to read in, with all blog posts on the one page, or each on separate pages – I’ve got all of your needs covered.. And you can read that however you do 🙂


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