Leo Dale

Why male escort Leo?


Why male escort Leo?

22 April 2014

With plenty of experience, and such a loving personality, I know how important it is to show you how much I care about you, and I really do care, and love to be a positive difference in the lives of everyone I see.Unfortunately there are a lot of  ‘male escorts’ who are selfish, and don’t care for or respect the individuality and needs of women.

I’m getting sick and tired of wanna-be male escorts… It’s not a game… A while ago I saw yet another client who was very apprehensive about seeing me, because she had saw other male escorts in the past and had been hurt, or just had a really bad experience with them, they weren’t who they said they were, and didn’t care about any feelings…

It makes our industry look bad.

Ladies, I am the real deal, what you want is what you get I’m a really down to earth, friendly, caring person, and I want to see you achieve your full potential.. I want you to feel great, no matter what you’re looking for. You can talk to me about your deepest secrets, or whatever’s on your mind. You might want someone to kiss and hold you, to cuddle you to sleep, or make love whenever you like. Or you might want a no-strings-attached relaxation massage and/or intmacy.

You might be looking for a casual lover, long term relationship, friend for life, activity partner, or one-night-stand..

Whatever you are looking for, I’m here for you. Always.



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