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Why crying is good for you

Male Escort Melbourne – 7 February 2023

Crying is good? This might sound counterintuitive to many, though it doesn’t come as a surprise considering the societal conditioning that a lot of us go through while growing up. If a child falls down, scrapes a knee and starts crying because of it, the first thing that the parents say is “You’re strong! Don’t worry, you’ll feel better soon”. While this is great, to encourage little one to be strong and feel better, there is quite an insight to this simple act.

From a tender age the child subconsciously begins to look at the act of crying as a form of weakness. To cry is to show the world that you’re weak and vulnerable, and that is why you should grow thick skin and always appear strong to the world, no matter what.

As we grow up, we forget that crying is a very human, primal act of expressing emotion. It doesn’t make you weak or incapable. The only thing it makes you at the end of the day is a human.


You need that cathartic release once in a while! Life happens. And sometimes it brings a lot of stuff that’s completely uncalled for. If you keep burying deep down everything negative you feel along the way, there might come a time when you’ll break down and struggle to find a healthy outlet for your emotions to come out. That is why it’s good for your mental health to have a good cry once in a while to just let it all out and let it go. Now, of course it is best to cry at a place where you feel safe and secure rather than in a public place or around strangers. Crying in a conference room full of people is not as comfortable as crying at home on the couch with your beau or best buddy, or better yet for some people, by yourself. A lot of people find crying alone to be the best, and each to their own!


Let go of the stress! Not only does a good cry help you calm down and relax your nerves, it literally expels stress hormones out of your body! Yes, you read that right. Tears don’t just show emotions, but studies show that they also carry the hormone cortisol with them out of your body, which helps reduce stress. Moreover, crying helps release happy hormones like endorphins and oxytocin that are natural painkillers and lift your mood. 


Crying can help you to come closer to your loved ones. It’s difficult to show vulnerability even in front of people close to you, but it’s good to let things out in front of them in a safe space. Let them help you and offer you support when you need it. Crying and showing vulnerability bridges the gap and helps build connections with people who care for you.


Crying helps you to process emotions, and calm down. Sometimes we are too agitated and it feels extremely difficult to calm down when we’re emotionally triggered. Crying helps a lot in this case by soothing you and healing you from the inside. It also helps you reach closure for things not in your control, and clarity for things you should and should not do. It also lowers the chances of you doing something irrational that you might end up regretting later. Crying triggers your parasympathetic nervous system to get activated, which helps you calm down and improve your sleep. It does so by changing your body from fight or flight mode to calm mode, which helps you clear your head and get some mental clarity.

It can clear your vision – literally! Not only does crying help clear your vision and head, it helps your eyes remain healthy. Tears moisturize your eyes and keep them lubricated. They also help clear any debris stuck in the eye and make your vision clear. There is no downside to crying except what the world has conditioned us to believe – crying makes you weak.

Sometimes a good cry can cure what a good laugh can’t.

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