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Wake up and smell the roses

Wake up and smell the roses  


12 December 2015
Who doesn’t feel low now and then?
No matter who you are, what you do for a living, or where you come from, it’s only natural that you’ll feel down sometimes; feel a little bit under the weather, as it were.
Even me, occasionally, I must admit!!
It can sometimes be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of being down, of feeling slightly unhappy, but you can usually put it down to a culmination of things—maybe you’ve been a little stressed, or a variety of minor things haven’t been going quite like you planned. Or maybe you have bigger stresses to contend with. Though nothing is ever as bad as you think. Things always get better.
If you take a few moments to sit down and think about yourself, I’m sure you have your own reasons for feeling low—and, of course, most ladies have their own monthly cycles to contend with as well—although, mind you, I do believe that men have “life-cycles” of feeling good, of feeling happy and then times when they don’t feel as good as they should.
Still, at times when it happens to me, I don’t let my mood keep me down for too long and can, more often than not, shake off any negativeness I am feeling fairly quickly. 
It’s all about being positive. It’s all about being appreciative of what you do have—not what you don’t. You don’t need me to tell you that if you have your health, then everything else is secondary. 
But there is more to it than this: think of the close family and friends that you have; think of the good times that you have enjoyed and make a resolution to plan for some good times you can enjoy in the future; think of nature and it’s wonders—whether it be something as simple as the wind or the rain, or things we take for granted on a daily basis such as the sunshine; butterflies, birds and other small animals…
Take some time to chill out a bit, and wake up and smell the roses!
Life is good and can be very fulfilling: yes, yes…, I know it can be cruel and unfair sometimes but life goes on; time eventually helps heal the hurt and makes the bad things which may have happened to you over the last few months, twelve months or so not seem so bad.
Although you may doubt it sometimes, you’ll recover from the heart ache, the broken relationship, the bad times of your life, whatever may be going on… and, one day, maybe even without realising it, suddenly you’ll be moving forward stronger, happier and more positive than you’ve ever been.
Make sure you have your rose cutters ready! 





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