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Two not so pleasant experiences with truckies

25 November – Male Escort Melbourne

Two not so pleasant experiences with truckies.


So the first one, a few days ago I’m driving along Bell street, and the traffic is fairly busy. And you know how there’s two lanes of traffic each way, well in the lane next to me is this big truck.


And the traffic is all stop-start, and crawling along, at one of the times of day where it should be called Bell Carpark instead of Bell Street, yeh?


Anyway, I hear this clink noise as the truck driver veered a bit into my lane, and must have clipped my car, with a tire, or some thing poking out of the truck, I’m not sure.


I noticed my side mirror was bent inwards, and so I thought it had just been that. It didn’t look damaged, and it was a hot day, and I was busy, so I couldn’t be bothered to stop and grab the truck driver’s details and whatever.


So I wound down the window; made some WTF hand gesture towards him, and then continued on my merry way.


It wasn’t until the next day that I noticed a dent on my car’s side panel. Damn!


But it’s only a small one, and thank goodness I found on YouTube that it can be fixed with a dildo, LoL




Who would’ve thought, hehe.



The things you can do with a dildo 😉


So that should be easy to fix.



The second time was when I’d stopped at Todd road service centre, filled up fuel, and walked out with a coffee.


As I approach my car, I see some guy walking purposely straight towards me, and he called out “Hey.”


I recognised him as that-guy-I’d-just-said-g’day-to as he was getting his coffee, while I waited to use the coffee machine.


So I wondered what he wanted to tell me.. Did my car suddenly have a flat tire he’d noticed? Was he looking for directions? I had no idea. So I paused near my drivers side door, and he came over and stood by the front of my car.


I looked at him and he said “I hope you don’t mind me telling you, but you have a beautiful dick.”


Ummm… okay… I didn’t know whether to take that as a compliment, or what.


I mean, sure, my cock is noticeable, because it’s quite big – and when I’m driving I wear loose shorts, and never wear underwear, so it’s sort out of out there a bit.


I often get compliments from women about how well endowed I am – but generally in a different context.. Not from some dude at the service station. So this was strange – but wait, it gets even funnier.


I didn’t know what to say, and as I’m a nice, innocent guy, I took it as a compliment, and said thanks. And was trying to hold back my laughter.


Then he motioned towards my passenger door, and said “I get in?”


And before I even thought of what to say, my facial expression must have already been saying to him “Eeeww, no way! Who the f*** do you think you are, and what the f*** makes you think I might want you to get in my car?” … and so he said “Sorry,” and quickly walked back to his truck all embarrassed-like.


As I got into my car, I suddenly burst out laughing. That was weird.


I mean, eeeew. Creepy. What did he expect? Eeew.


It was just Weird.


With a capital ‘W.’

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