Leo Dale

Through the looking glass..

Through the looking glass..

18 November 2017

Now for a step back in time, to a blog which you may have read, that I wrote all the way back in early 2014. It’s a short one, but a good one, so I thought I’d post it again..


Uncomfortable about paying for sex?

Does the idea of paying for sex make you feel uncomfortable?

Well guess what; I’m not selling sex. I feel that I am not paid for sex, I am paid for my time.

I don’t feel at all that anyone has ever paid me for sex. I’m just reimbursed for time. And travelling, and organising my time.

Which is really what work is about.. any work.. We are selling our time, whether we work in a bank, a shop, a hospital, or a laboratory – we are being paid to do something, but really we’re being paid for our time.

That’s the most important thing that we have, time.

We can work all of our life, save money and put it in the bank, and then go to the bank and take out a large sum of money. Though unfortunately we can not work all of our life, save money and put it in the bank, and then go to the banker and ask to withdrawal all the time that we spent making that money.

Once the time is gone, it’s gone, and that’s why time is valuable in any job.

In all of life, we should try our best to enjoy the time we have, as much as we can and in whatever way makes us feel good


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