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The time of your life, at any time of your life

The time of your life, at any time of your life

1 September 2017

Just as our life evolves through infancy, puberty and on into adulthood, so do our sexual needs and wants.

Both men and women have stages in their lives when their sexual needs are to the fore, when their hormones are racing and out of control; when all each of us of think about is sexual activity and, ways to hopefully, release of all of that pent-up sexual tension and frustration!

From talking with many of my clients, it’s been interesting to identify several phases of their sexual life—some of which are obvious and some not so. Some women have sex lives which span well over 40 years and some have sex lives which just inexplicably seem to taper off after about 25 or 30 years.

Perhaps the three most identifiable stage of sexual activity can be summarised as follows:

 onset of puberty, when we are still really sexually immature and, obviously, inexperienced—yet our bodies are changing rapidly and our minds are occupied with thoughts of the opposite sex (or the same sex for some!). In many women, regular crushes on boys or teachers and puppy love are important issues to have to deal with—and whilst many women think or romanticise about sex regularly, this phase of the life either does not lead to sexual activity or, if it does, the sex may be unfulfilling as their male partner, more often than not, is also inexperienced and simply does not know to how to please or satisfy a young woman

 first true love: having met the man of her dreams, our young lady will probably enjoy a period of sexual fulfilment with the one she loves (or thinks she truly loves)—and, nowadays, more than likely before marriage. Almost every couple will experience that magical period of 3-4 years when they are in love and sex is truly great, wonderful and rewarding—until one or two things happen: the love they shared may change, and life may get in the way. Or, of a more longer term affect, children begin to appear on the scene! Like it or not, for most couples the birth of a child or children almost certainly signals the end of an active, truly rewarding sex life

– for most women, tied down with looking after a family and, maybe, holding down a career, it’s a long wait until the children are off her hands and before she is ready to resurrect a fulfilling sex life. If she is still with her partner or husband, it may be necessary to try and rekindle the sparks they once had; if the partner or husband is no longer in the picture, it may be time to seek a new lover. For many women I have spoken with, the latter is the optimum choice and something new is always exciting—plus there are usually no left over inhibitions which may have existed earlier!


For such women in their mid to late 40s or 50s, this time of their life may well be the really golden years of their sexual life.
Call or email me if you want to know more, or want to find out what you may have been missing on all of these years… you won’t be disappointed, I assure you!

Of course, the above three phases are not a general rule, as everyone has different stages of their life and sex life, and at different times of their life! And I’ve never been the type to place people in categories or boxes, or think that there are any rules to live by in terms of our sexual lives! Or even to think that life necessarily goes in ‘stages,’ as life is always a continuous flow of change, possibility, and mystery.
Everyone has the freedom to live and love as they please.

I have clients of all ages, and at all different stages of life. Age is only a number, and it doesn’t matter what age you are; you can feel wonderful today. Here, now, today –  Choose to feel wonderful.
Whether you’d like to book a session with me, or just enjoy reading my blog, and have no plans to do something like this, I still think you should choose to feel wonderful.
You can have the time of your life, at any time of your life.






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