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21 July 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne


As well as being The Love Doctor, I’ve also often times been nicknamed “The Quote Doctor,” as, well, all I really use social media for is sharing awesome and inspirational quotes.



I love to inspire, and motivate you to be the best you can be, in every way – So why not also enlist the help of others who have said wonderful quotes. By sharing part of their stories, it can help inspire, make you feel great, laugh, or smile.


Feel free to follow and share my quotes on social media, be it facebook, twitter, or instagram, whichever is your favourite platform.


I prefer facebook myself, as it seems to be the most easy to use, without #hashtags, @’s, and lots of cray cray random tweets all over the place, lol. But whatever is your cup of tea, feel free to share my stuff on there, or if social media isn’t for you, then you can simply Click Here, to read some of my favourite quotes.


Some of them are quotes by me, and a lot are quotes by other people.


Whichever ones you may enjoy, a lot of them are great quotes to live by.



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