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The 8 types of Love in Ancient Greek Philosophy

Male Escort Melbourne – December 17 2023


I’m fascinated by history, including more recent history as well as “ancient” history, and particularly lately I’ve been listening to youtube videos about life in Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.



Being The Love Doctor, how could I not decide to write a blog on the 8 types of Love in ancient Greek philosophy? In my blogs I love to share all different things of interest, and you may read it and then click on or read something else, or do something else, or you may decide to research it in more detail. Either way, I just love sharing things with you.



What is love? Well, I think to adequately try and explain what love is, I’d need pages and pages, and to write for hours and hours, as love is such an amazing and powerful force, feeling, power, energy, just trying to choose which noun to describe love is tricky!



Love is different to every person, and we have different types of love for different people in our lives. I think if we thought about it, maybe there are 20 types of love, or 80, or 800. It’s indescribable, unable to be placed in a category. Love is love, and it’s one of the best things that there is.



While it’s hard to describe what love is in just a few words, these are, according to Ancient Greek Philosophy, the 8 types of Love:




Eros – Sexual, Passionate Love

Eros, the embodiment of intense romantic love, delves into desire and physical attraction. Named after Eros, the god of fertility, it’s the spark that ignites the flames of early relationships, characterized by profound emotions and a magnetic pull between individuals.




Philia – Deep Friendship Love

Philia surpasses conventional friendship, forging a profound connection through shared experiences, trust, and mutual understanding. This type of love forms the foundation of enduring friendships, transcending mere camaraderie.




Storge – Familial Love

Storge explores familial affection, grounded in a sense of belonging, shared history, and an innate connection among family members. It’s the love that binds parents, siblings, and relatives in a natural and enduring way.




Agape – Selfless, Unconditional Love

Agape rises to a selfless and unconditional level, emphasizing caring for others’ well-being above personal desires. This boundless and compassionate form of love is often associated with altruism, transcending individual needs.




Ludus – Playful Love

Ludus captures the playful and light-hearted dimensions of love, particularly in the early stages of romance. It involves the joyous dance of courtship, flirtation, and spontaneous moments that characterize the excitement of new relationships.




Mania – Obsessive Love

Mania represents an intense and sometimes obsessive form of love. While passion is a key component, it also carries the risk of possessiveness and irrationality, blurring the lines between love and unhealthy fixation.




Pragma – Enduring Love

Pragma signifies practical, enduring love rooted in long-term commitment. This love type emphasizes shared values, compatibility, and a rational approach, underscoring the importance of sustained and mature relationships.




Philautia -Self Love

Philautia acknowledges the significance of self-love, manifesting either positively as a healthy self-regard or negatively as narcissistic self-centeredness. Cultivating a balanced relationship with oneself is crucial for overall well-being.




This deep dive into the eight Ancient Greek words for love unveils a comprehensive understanding of the diverse expressions and dimensions of this intricate human emotion. From the fiery passion of Eros to the enduring commitment of Pragma, each term contributes a unique perspective, enriching our appreciation of love’s complexity in Greek philosophy.



What a rich and vibrant culture Ancient Greece was, and as you research more in depth, it becomes even more fascinating.






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