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30 August 2020 | Male Escort Melbourne


In the eleven years since I’ve been your male escort, I’ve seen a lot of things change, in our culture around the idea of seeing an escort.


It is much more acceptable for women to see a male escort, than was even ten years ago. This is such a great thing – I just love women to feel empowered, to engage in the freedom they have to make the choice, to take complete control of themselves and their sexuality.


I have had many clients who were talking to a close friend, and had their friend recommend that they see a male escort. And why not – it can be such a great way to not only feel empowered, and have a great time – but also to get what you want, when you want it, without all the mucking around.


For thousands of years, men have sought the company of (paid) female companionship, ranging from a quick ‘roll in the hay’, to keeping the most exclusive of courtesans.


This has been considered somewhat acceptable for men to participate in (as long as their wives or families were not shamed by such dalliances), but particularly since the Victorian era, has not been discussed in polite company – but women, before the sexual revolution of the 1960s, would have been considered to be a “loose woman” for seeking company outside of marriage and even worse for providing company, an attitude and double standard that still unfortunately prevails to this day.


For a woman to take charge of her own life, to seek what she would like, has been frowned upon. Thankfully now, escorts are in the media more, it’s talked about more, and it’s less of a taboo subject, which reduces the stigma that escorts can face and that clients can feel.


I love when I see a new client, and she tells me that her close friend, or friends, had suggested she see an escort. And she thought about it and decided it was a great idea. Then afterwards she messages her friends, who are waiting for an update on how it went.


When I started on my mission, there were very few male escorts for women in Australia, let alone in Melbourne.


Nowadays, the beautiful women of Melbourne (and beyond) are spoiled for choice. There are a wide selection of male escorts for you to choose from. To have the encounter that you desire, and to feel great about doing it!


I am so happy that more people are talking about escorts, and it’s seen as more of an everyday thing, that one can do, and not feel at all bad or uncomfortable about.


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