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Sugar Daddies, Sugar Babies and Sugar Mommas in Australia

Sugar Daddies, Sugar Babies and Sugar Mommas in Australia

17 October 2018

A recent report I saw suggested that the incidence of young girls (sugar babies) looking for sugar daddies in Australia was relatively high when compared with several other countries.

For those who don’t know, sugar babies (young women) dating sugar daddies (older men) is a huge cultural phenomenon which has caught the attention of the worldwide online and traditional media over the last few years, particularly with the advent of a number of specialised dating sites catering to this demand.

Maybe these higher numbers are partly due to the fact that Australia has a relatively young, more liberal population and sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships are not considered unusual—and certainly not uncommon in the bigger cities such as Sydney or Melbourne where there are many rich, powerful men looking for younger women.

You might think that it’s a modern fad, a sign of these more liberal times, in part brought about by the younger, new generation. Yet, sugar daddy dating is not a new phenomenon by any means. Indeed, if you go back and study some history, you’ll see there have always been sugar babies looking for their sugar daddies since time immemorial!

As one would expect, the majority of the female protagonists are mainly university students and needing money for tuition or those in the early stages of their professional career and keen to date a sugar daddy as such a man can offer the financial resources to pay rent, tuition fees and allow the sugar baby to live a lifestyle she aspires to.

Though these days, a lot of sugar babies are doing what they do completely out of choice – they like the lifestyle, and decide to have the kind of lifestyle they desire, which we should all do. Have the kind of lifestyle we desire, that is, whatever it may be.

Other attractions to younger women include a sugar daddy’s superior worldly experience, and many sugar babies are attracted to this experience and the accompanied aura of power an older man of status presents—and  which can bring an exciting new dimension to relationships for younger women.

Why am I talking about this?

Well, it struck me that, whilst more and more attention is being given to sugar babies and sugar daddies, the fact that there are many similar relationships or arrangements between older women (sugar mommas, you could say) and younger men tends to get overlooked. This might not be a bad thing as most participants like to keep a high degree of confidentiality about such relationships.

There is nothing wrong with this – it’s great for women to know they have the freedom to have what they want, whent they want it. And everyone is different, this kind of arrangement can be perfect for some people!

Indeed, from first-hand experience with my own sugar mommas, if you will, I know that the last thing they want is to have their relationship publicised in any way and they know my discretion is assured now, and always will be.

I also wondered if the popularity of such arranged dating is a testament to the openness and diversity which exists within Australia, or maybe people don’t always have the time, or indeed, the desire, these days to find a partner through conventional means…

Whatever the reason(s), sugar babies, daddies and mommas are all interesting concepts to grapple with, and I think nobody should be ashamed of the types of relationships they may have. Be proud to be  who you are!


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