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Sometimes when you think the answer is “no” it is just “not yet.”

Sometimes when you think the answer is “no” it is just “not yet.”

1 October 2018

The following is from the calendar ’12 simple things to remember all year long’ for the month of October:

“As we travel this mysterious journey known as “our life,” we often feel a tug to move. We try to respond… searching, like Dorothy did for Oz, for the rainbow that is our dream… We might begin, thinking we know the way to go, only to find an obstacle in our path that keeps us from moving forward. We make the best decisions we can with the information we have at the time.

But we forget that there is an order to the universe, and sometimes in spite of our best efforts, we do not get what we wanted. We forget that there is a greater plan, laid by the Master Designer… one in which our needs are taken care of… and in perfect timing.”




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