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Sometimes two homes are better than one

Male Escort Melbourne – 21 February 2021


Sometimes two homes are better than one



I live between two homes – In melbourne, and on the family farm in southwest Victoria. And I love it.


I was born in Melbourne, and lived in the suburbs until I was aged five, and then my parents, my younger brother, and I, moved out to the countryside. And I’ve lived there until the last year or so.. And now live in Melbourne as well.

As well as spending time all across Melbourne and Victoria, and interstate of course.




But this blog post isn’t about where I live, or where I lived as a child. This post is about children who have two homes. Because it is often the case, that two homes are better than one.



I’m talking here about your children – If you have kids; and you are or have been in a toxic or unhealthy relationship. Whether that is physically abusive, emotionally abusive, financially abusive, or even if your partner just isn’t treating you the way you deserve to be treated.


Abuse in any way is not on. It is not acceptable.



Any woman not being treated the way she deserves, and not getting the love she deserves – being able to feel happy, and to feel free to be herself, while in a relationship… Is not on.



“The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”

– David Morrison



And the standards that you live with, are the standards you accept as well.


Please do not accept standards that you should not have to deal with. There is always something better.


If you are in the situation where you are in a bad relationship, and you are being emotionally abused, made to feel weak, worthless, and like you don’t deserve any better…. You deserve better! You need to leave.



Unfortunately a lot of women get caught in really unhealthy relationships, and are made to feel like they don’t deserve any better. The opposite is true! You deserve better, and you can find a healthier way, you need to get out of there.



And when you have kids, it can unfortunately seem even more difficult to leave. I have heard many stories of women feeling that they couldn’t get out of such relationships, because they wanted to provide a healthy family relationship for their kids – For them to have a Mum and Dad that lived together, and love each other.


But no matter how much you might have wanted that, or still want it, or feel like it’s something that you should provide – If your partner is not contributing to a healthy relationship, whether it’s abusive or not, you should not be wasting your energy, time, happiness, and life by trying to keep this relationship going.


As parents, and especially as mothers, you always want what is best for your child/children. And you want them to have a healthy family life, and to grow up feeling love.


Maybe you grew up living with only one parent, and you want your children to have two parents living together.

Or maybe you grew up with both of your parents, and want the same for your children.


Well sometimes this just isn’t what is best, and it is best for their Mum and Dad to not live together, and not be together.


Whether it’s with sharing custody 50/50, or whether your children just go to their dad’s place once a week, or for a few days each fortnight.


If your partner/husband/ex-partner/ex-husband is not treating you right, it is NOT healthy for you to be there, and it is NOT healthy for your child or children to grow up, and see the way you are being treated.



Whether it’s violence, abuse, or just not treating you with love and respect, and loving you… These behaviour patterns can become normalised for your children.


They see this happening, and they think it’s normal.


This can lead to boys growing into men who disrespect women.


This can lead to girls growing into women who think that they deserve to be talked down to, insulted, or not cared for properly.




It is not healthy for you, or your children, to stay in a household with a partner who isn’t treating you right.


So please, do what is best for you and your children. Do not feel bad, or as though you are doing something wrong by leaving, because you are not. You are doing what’s right!

Get out of there. Feel free. Feel happy. Feel love again.



I know women who have not got out of toxic or abusive relationships, thinking that it’s best for their children if their parents stay together – Only to have their children grow up to think that the way they’ve seen their father treat their mother, or talk to their mother, is the right way.


It can lead them on a perilous path to self-destruction, and/or treating others with disrespect, or worse.



I want for you to feel wonderful, and special.

I’m sure you do too.

And I’m sure that you want that for your children.


So please, if something’s not right, change it. You have the power to change it.


Because as much as you might think it’s right for your children to live in one home – Sometimes two homes are better than one.





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