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Sometimes all you need to get the ball rolling is a good night’s sleep!

Male Escort Melbourne – January 4, 2022

The tragedy


With both your hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, you and your partner have finally seized the right time that’s just for you and no one else, not even the kids. Everything’s set and you are getting all hot and restless 😉 Aaand lo and behold, right at the moment you’re about to hit a home run, you hear a strange, strange sound. Your partner who was all the way in right one second ago is peacefully snoring in his happy dreams. Isn’t that an infuriating nightmare?


The worst part hasn’t even come yet. It’s the hours and probably days after the mishap. Even if it happened just because they were exhausted from the day’s work or severely lacked a good sleep, you can’t help but doubt whether they are even interested in you anymore! And then comes the overthinker club. Does he have a secret affair? Is he hiding something from me? Is he thinking about something or someone else? Ladies, word of advice: hold your horses!


The solution


Though this sounds ironic, the worst case scenarios turn out to be true in the rare of the rarest instances. And the good news is, they are really some simple problems that need some simple solutions. Now, when it comes to sleep and sex, I’ve experienced that they really go hand in hand. A good, satisfying round causes a good, deep sleep that helps you relax and replenish your energy, especially when it comes to men. On the other hand, a good night’s sleep often restores your vitality to go for the next round of some ground-breaking ooh-yeah!

According to this study, poor sleep is directly related to not only arousal and orgasmic problems, but as far as erectile dysfunction in men. Now, if you have problems getting a good sleep and your nights are riddled with disturbed sleeping patterns, there’s a high chance they are severely impacting your sex life, and in turn making your relationship a rocky road. Here are some tips I have that might help you get the ball rolling again.



3 things you can do for better sleep, leading to better sex


    1.Keep it low (pun intended)


As per this poll by the National Sleep Foundation, 4 out of 5 people suggested that cool room temperature was essential for their better sleep. Studies have found that a cool temperature of 18.3 degrees Celsius  is optimum for a good sleep. Why not try it out? Apart from this, you can also avoid using bright lights and introduce dim lights instead in your bedroom, since bright artificial lights induce a sense of daylight to your system which then tries to keep you awake.



    2. It’s you and your partner that should pair up, not technology and caffeine in the bedroom


Try to limit your caffeine intake, whether it’s coffee or in some other form during the day, and avoid it altogether before sleep. Also, keep your laptop, tablet, mobile phone and any other digital devices in some other room when it’s sleepy time. If you have to use them and there’s no workaround, invest in some good blue light blockers that help keep your sleeping schedule intact by minimising blue light coming from digital screens.



    3. Get physical (pun intended, again)


Exercise is one of the best activities that tire you out for a good cause and induce good quality sleep at night. Opt for some strength training or aerobics or some other physical activities of your choice that would not only help with your sleep and sex but would also keep you healthy. Does it get better than this?


Parting thoughts

Well, often there’s one deep root for a lack of sleep or a lack of good sex, or even both. That devil is stress. If you have been struggling with it for a long time and need some help with it, I highly recommend this blog post. Hope it helps.



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