Leo Dale

Some people call me “Dr Leo,” or The Love Doctor…

Some people call me “Dr Leo,” or The Love Doctor…


10 October 2014

Sometimes when I think about the label which the majority of people seem to apply to the profession I am involved in, the more I think that such a label is quite a misnomer.

Male Escort: what comes to mind when you hear these two words?  Do you think of someone who accompanies people to places? Or maybe escorts clients to somewhere or the other? Now, the more risqué minded of you might think of other connotations which, in the past, might have been associated with men who accompany women on a commercial basis—but don’t worry, I forgive you 🙂

If I had to write down a job description for actually what I do do, it might actually run to several pages—and what’s more, it may surprise you greatly.

A large part of my job is actually therapeutic. “Therapeutic?” I can hear you ask. “What is Leo talking about?”

Well, for example, I’ve lost count of the times when I’ve been called in to help a woman start to gradually recover from a bad experience with a man; either a bad physical experience such as, unfortunately, being beaten, emotionally abused, or, maybe, simply suffering regular disrespectful behaviour where the lady in question has been used almost in a “slave like” manner. Then there is the mental cruelty which far too many so-called men inflict on their wives, girlfriends or lovers—sometimes far worse than physical abuse.

How many times have I helped women rebuild their confidence, helped them through their darker times, and been there for them when they have needed a shoulder to cry on? How many times have I cajoled, encouraged and helped women regain their faith in men?

In fact, this is where I have been able to achieve the most satisfaction from my job, when I can see the positive changes in my clients, see how they can begin to appreciate life again. When they realise that there is more to life than being stuck with an abusive partner. When they are ready to start enjoying relationships again.

So, that’s where I come in; that’s part of what I do.

“The Love Doctor”, they say. “He helps women get better…. and better.”



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