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Shall I bring my massage table along? 

Shall I bring my massage table along? 

22 December 2017

A massage can be a most wonderful way to unwind, to relieve stress, and relax.
As well as being a qualified massage therapist, I also love what I do – and I love to make you feel completely relaxed, comfortable, and wonderful.


Whether you’d like a lighter massage, or a deep massage, I love to please. Using my experienced and loving hands, I provide an indulgent massage, relieving tension, and paying special attention to every part of your body. Imagine..


I can do this on your bed, of course, or I can bring my massage table along. On your bed, or on my massage table, can both be equally relaxing, and exciting.

Either way, I want you to experience complete bliss and tranquility, and afterwards I will have you feeling more in harmony with yourself, and your surroundings. Feeling invigorated, rejuvenated, and refreshed.


If you’d like me to bring my massage table along, just let me know 🙂



“Just to see you smile. I’d do anything that you wanted me to.”
– Tim McGraw


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