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Shades of grey

8 June 2019 | Male Escort Melbourne


I’m not sure why people often say that grey is a boring colour. Or that they are feeling grey, when they feel unhappy or depressed.



Like many colours, grey has a myriad of shades. A huge variety of tones.


You only have to look at the sky when some clouds come across and the sun hides behind them. The result can be spectacular.

There are uncountable shades of grey. From the palest to the deepest; from mid-tones to deep, almost black shades.


You could say, there are Fifty Shades of Grey.


It takes a great artist to capture the tones, the subtleness of the variations in the colour. The way the tones blend and merge together, delicately shifting from this shade to that and producing a visual array of colour that can leave one in wonder. 


One can stand looking and admiring the pallete of colours being presented in the spectacular panoramic show by the clouds and the sun for a long time. Admiring every shade of grey – from the light grey clouds, almost white, to the heavy dark grey thunderstorm clouds, pregnant with rain.


Yet the only colour we are looking at is grey. Amazing really.


Somehow, looking at the grey cloudy sky, concentrating on the beauty and the movement of the clouds make me feel relaxed and content. Helps me put aside the worries or trials and tribulations of the day. In many ways, it is therapeutic to spend some time absorbed in something out of the usual.


And for some reason, admiring the shades of grey in the clouds makes me draw a comparison with life; helps me think of an analogy with our moods.


We can be dark grey, almost black, yet we can be light grey and, maybe, happier than when we are dark grey. Our moods can shift and blend like the colours of the sky.


The neutral tones can keep us even tempered and objective, whilst changes in our circumstances, or if something negative happens, can push our moods towards the darker, deeper shades of grey.


Or, like myself, you can enjoy all the shades of grey, and they can all bring with them all types of pleasant moods.   


Maybe I am a dreamer I don’t know, but I always think there is so much happening to us and around us that we often times take the beauty, power and importance of nature for granted. We overlook the basics of life at the expense our well-being. 

And going back to the basics of watching the sky and admiring the stunning colours and tones is something you can do every day. For one minute or ten; or longer. 


If you’d like to experience this beauty, simply look up at the sky on a lot of days this time of year, when it is nice and grey, and notice it’s beauty.


The sky need not be blue for us to feel happy and content. Sometimes a grey sky can be just what we need.


If however you’d like to experience Fifty Shades of Grey, click here, to get in touch today.



“Life  isn’t black and white. It’s a million 

grey areas, don’t you find?”

– Ridley Scott

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